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The Truth behind the Indo-US Nuclear Deal

The collapse of the Soviet Union in the early nineties signaled the end of the cold war and also the arrival of a n unipolar world order lead by the United States of America.US has steadily promoted itself as the all powerful superpower which cannot be questioned by anyone. The international organisations like the IAEA,NSG or the United Nations or just pet dolls of the United States.The US has time and again over powered decisions taken by reputed international agencies.The US vetoes sanctions on Israel,continues an inhuman economic blockade on Cuba,bombs Baghdad in its ostensible quest for the weapons of mass destruction(read it Oil ).These measures are continuously criticised by people with egalitarian principles.

It is in this context that we need to analyse the Indo-US civillian nuclear cooperation agreement signed and proclaimed as the panacea for all our energy security woes.The right wing media has announced that this deal as one of the best foreign policy initiatives taken in free India or in the very word of the Prime Minister “It is the arrival of India at the global stage”.The United states campaigns for Nuclear non proliferation in Iraq and in the Indian Subcontinent the Bush administration is so magnanimous in guaranteeing uninterrupted fuel supply without even signing the NPT(Nuclear non-proliferation Treaty) or the CTBT(comprehensive Test Ban Treat) why is this dichotomy?.Remember Iran is a signatory of the reprehensible NPT.

History Teaches one thing regarding the political objectives of the US i.e it will never accept the raise of any other nation challenging the unipolar hegemony and the imperialistic designs of it.In this context the US wishes to control the oil-gas rich middle east and centarl asia.Now the raise of India,China,Russia in the last decade has put tremendous pressure on the energy availabilty scenario.The global clout of these nations is unbearable to US’s imperial designs.Hence it wishes to tame India as its junior partner which is a classic case of divide and rule.With signing the nuclear deal India’s foreign policy initiatives would be made more congruent to that of the US.

India’s stratergic autonomy and its independence in foreign policy issues has a taken a dent of late i wish to quote two examples for the very same:

1) The vote against Iran was a case in point of India’s change in policy directions .India’s comment on the vote “It is not in India’s interest that Iran posses nuclear weapons”.Now the CIA itself had ample evidence that Iran does not possess any nuclear weapon or the capability to do so.So this shows the lack of independent analysis of the world happenings on the part of India.

2)The government which claims itself as the messiah of energy security has been dragging its feet in signing the gas pipeline deal with Iran.

The Us-India stratergic partnership also involves a logistics sharing agreement in which both millitaries will share its bases for mutual operation.The US will have access to sensitive economic areas like that of agriculture upon which majority of Indians depend on.India will support US initiatives in promoting freedom and democracy around the world as its now doing in Iraq with the help of bombs and missiles.

Thus this is a clear step in making India a junior partner of US and ditching India’s long stand of Non-alignment and independent foreign policy initiatives.

In the next post we will concentrate on energy security promises claimed by the government if the deal fructifies.