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Text Editor Described

As time goes by, the huge range of textual content authors available for the use of web designers keep on improving. It is always that the new one has something better or something new to provide. Advantage that due to the number of options they have, they could think about which one would be most appropriate for their venture. Here are the most used textual content authors by web developers:


Notepad is the most well-known textual content writer depending on the study. It does not assistance any structure or designs, which creates it very appropriate in a DOS atmosphere. It is one of the most preferred because it identifies both remaining to right and right to remaining dialects. It also does macro-recording and play-back for recurring key strokes, a highly effective frequent appearance search-and-replace, and assistance for many coding dialects. Although you can modify computer file using note pad regardless of what the structure is, it does not study UNIX or MAC-style textual content information perfectly.


Textmate is a GUI textual content writer for MAC OS X. It is regularly used for screenwriting. Developers desire Textmate because it functions declarative custom remaking, an eye for start records, recordable macros, foldable areas and thoughts, spend incorporation, and an extensible package system. However, it does not assistance variable-width or huge print designs, right-to-left dialects, (S)FTP, divided opinions and textmate tends to work more slowly when consisting with huge information or long collections. Developers must also be online to be able to confirm their web page because only W3C validator can be used for HTML approval.


Coda was particularly developed for MAC OS X. It was developed to take care of the issue of ineffectiveness of full-featured web design systems corresponding to database incorporation foundation Xcode. One of its significant function is that it functions a new Find/Replace procedure. It advantages the customers because they were able to do complicated swithces using a technique just like frequent movement. It also can handle bookamarks, which are the specially-formatted thoughts labels in many syntaxes. With the use of favorites, designers can go to the corresponding range of textual content from anywhere in the writer by hitting the weblink in the Value Gps.


Vim is appropriate with Ms windows, A red hat systemunix system and MAC OS. It is according to orders given in a text-user individual interface. The control range function is where its complete performance occurs. Some opinions it as a programmer’s best companion because it is very practical to use and it is very extensible. Developers are not the only ones who advantage from this textual content writer, but also the kids of Uganda. Although Vim is free and free, its certificate has charityware clasuses.


PSPad is a free application textual content writer for Ms windows. It can handle format featuring and hex modifying, and is developed as a worldwide GUI for modifying many dialects such as PHP, Perl, HTML, and Coffee, autocompletion, an eye, FTP customer and find/replace using frequent movement. It also has a function where you can preserve classes to be able to go back to your past set. up.

When deciding on the best textual content writer to use for your venture, it shouldn’t rely on the reputation of the system. It will all steam down to the individual friendliness and performance of the item.


The absurd Copyright laws in digital era

Copyright laws have been here for years now to prevent plagiarism especially in written content and works of creativity.These were gradually extended to songs,movies and other means of entertainment.With the advent of the information age the whole world is connected through the Internet.Peer-to-Peer sharing of information is the order of the day now this is posing a threat to the global monopoly and the economic order imposed by the economic strongmen.The entertainment companies are trying to revert technological development to scuffle information sharing.They consider sharing of mp3 songs,movies,videos through the internet as a violation of copyright laws.The business model adopted by these companies are not in times with the information era it just concentrates on profits rather than logic.The main argument given by these companies is that the violation of copyright hurts the creator and is an insult to creativity.The companies also argue that for every file downloaded hurts the CD sales to great extent while this is baseless as all songs downloaded would not be bought. Now in reality if a customer is made to suffer like following these idiotic procedures many would not even hear to most songs.The companies should go for alternative business models as proposed by people like Edben Mogellen like customers contributing voluntarily to the creators.Information technology connected through networks facilitate manipulation and sharing of huge data very easily.

Now why was copying say printed material is not feasible for everyone is that the technology is costly but digital technology gives us infinite copying in just a mouse click without any loss of quality.Thus applying same copyright laws defies any logic and negates the very advantage of digital revolution.In Peer-to-Peer networks data is not stored in a single server but among peer computers.Every user is making information available to others instantaneously.

Tracing people by using IP addresses and randomly suing people for copyright violation has become the order of the day.The records industry is intimidating people by threatening them through courts. The copyright laws applied to present digital technology does not make sense.

The Draconian DRM:-

The companies have come up with an assault on information freedom by the new digital rights management which prevents copying entertainment material available in a specific encrypted formats.Thus if you need a song say on your player,ipod,computer you need to buy separately for everyone of them.Now these stupidities first of all irritate customers and the DRM methods are continuously broken in the Internet thus making them ineffective.Music is not brought anymore its just rented for specific time.It is impossible to come up with a DRM system that is unbreakable.Its an assault on the culture of freedom and pushes to a permission culture.The products of our culture like music,art,movies are not available for future use and may cripple innovation affecting creators of the future generation.the DRM will lock down the culture of information and freedom.With growing number of Internet users in India i believe the entertainment industry should go in for creative business model rather than joining the bandwagon.Restricting internet users is not feasible at all as the web is too big .

Conclusion–>The global capitalists are waging a lost battle in ensuring monopoly and preventing the free flow of information which the digital era promises.These steps are highly retrograde in nature and affect technological advancements.Hope the plot is broken and Long live Freedom 🙂

FStival 07 aka Software Freedom Day.,Why use GNU/LInux

Fstival 07 celebrated in our college as part of the software freedom day celebrated all over the world was lots of fun.The stalls were visited by many inspite of vinayak chathurthi a national holiday.The stalls were really memorable especially the second years did a fine job i visited lots of stalls and learnt a lot especially Latex,GIMP,Blender which i havent tried much.We also had lots of fun in the run up to the event.

Ok i thought of ranting something totally non-technical,non-philosophical  part of using GNU/Linux.I had a strange question from someone “why don’t use windows?” I was honestly amused by this question i didnt meant to say that the source code is open stuff and all he is no way interested in those things.Leave all prejudice and think about debian in day to day stuff:

I dont suffer from viruses infecting me no “MUHAHA” saying me to use I.E.

I copied the other day a movie file sized 750mb in five minutes from my pen drive in Linux it took me more than 21 minutes in windose xp.

I have all software available for download with amazing variety dont have to care about piracy or expiry date etc.

You worry about the GUI stuff stop by my room i will show you eye-candy with Beryl COmpiz which is a feature in Debian and not the entire OS but the other day Microsoft presented Vista there was not anything other than GUI madness..madness.

I havent spoken anything technical if  you wish to hear good quality music try MPlayer,Amarok hope your ears are not loaded with prejudice.

Hmmm and how many of the microsoft passionates buy original copy of vista or windows just using pirated bullshit and speaking some crap just because some one other is using GNU/Linux is childish.

Still you wish to lick the dollar dick go ahead who cares let us see if people are forced to spend 3K for basic edition how many of them dare to do that.

If you know computer history “Microsoft is the only company that makes money out of selling just software every company sells hardware suppoted with free software”.If someone had predicted that twenty years ago that a company would make money out of just bundling software people would have laughed and made a clown out of you .

CSS design and Firebug

I have been into CSS design for quite sometime now (honestly its a painstaking job) and i wish to get out of it as soon as it gets.CSS stands for cascaded style sheets which are used to apply design or uniform patterns to a website.The open nature of a webpage guarantees you that learning css is pretty easy but designing a new site is honestly time consuming.

For beginners the hard part is the “CSS Box model“,”Liquid flow layout”,”Uniform design across different sites” is the hardest part.The first time i and my friend designed the CSS for the TCENET page – an intranet portal of our college.It was inspired from drupal barlow theme.IMHO, the best way to learn CSS is to open a drupal theme and try to understand that its pretty simple.In designing the tcenet portal what we managed was to make it tableless so the loading is faster and its more aligned and structed.But it had a poor browser support that is it had optimal view in 1024×768 in I.E and firefox and thanks to difference in the way I.E interprets the box model it looked bad in many browsers.
Then the second time was designing a site for CTECH inc a company which asked for a design it was a contest for department students.Now the design was uniform and good.You can have a look at it here.The way it looks in various browsers can be seen here.

I figured this tool firebug of late and i instantly fall in love with it.If you are into CSS site this is a must tool for you.The tool can be used to dissect any site in the web understand its CSS,HTML,Java script and the images used.The CSS can also be modified dynamically and the updates are instantaneous.Firebug is a firefox pluggin and its truly amazing.The tool can be used to identify the images used and the time it takes to load each image.
Yahoo ui library is a javascript collection released under the BSD license and it has many nifty effects which can be incorporated into any site to improve attraction.

Operations research using GNU

I attended my operations research internals today and i have been one of the few who have failed in both the previous ones.My aversion towards mark and internals have virtually took me away from the mainstream mark savy geeks of my class.There was a question on linear programming using simplex algorithm.There was a controversy regarding the answer the geek group of the class had an answer which in my opinion was baseless,it was against the given constraint.As one of the constraint said x1>=4 but the answer was x1=10/3 which was less than 4.But anyways its the official answer coz after all  the
se are the great minds.I thought of using the GNU linear programming tool kit to solve it:

/* Decision variables */
var x1 >=0;  /* soldier */
var x2 >=0;  /* train */

/* Objective function */
maximize z: 3*x1 + 2*x2;

/* Constraints */
s.t. Finishing :2*x1 + x2 <= 10;
s.t. Carpentry :x1 + 2*x2 <= 10;
s.t. Demand    : x1 >= 4;

I ran it using the glpsol to obtain the answer:

Objective:  z = 16 (MAXimum)

1 x1           B              4             0
2 x2           B              2             0
Thus the solution is x1=4 and x2=2 and max z=16.I could have easily argued but now a days i dont know why i never feel like proving things.If people stumble upon this blog will their neural networks accept without prejudice.

FOSS seminar in my college-sweet words from a sweet person

My college is organising a conference in free open source software.I am passionate about Unix its the root from which computer evolved.It was natural that i went to the conference.The first session was handled by Joe(Da Rodnt) the man who found GLUGOT(Gnu/Linux user group in our college) he was giving a  lecture on the philosophy of GNU.The freedoms of GPL etc.He said one sweet statement that  has been in my mind.He said “I am a free software enthuiast,some call as lunatics some even call us communists”.The other seminar i throughly enjoyed was of ananth on debugging tools amazing lecture fully informative.

One thing itching my mind for some time is that the attitude of some of my friends towards any Unix.the believe Unix as an enemy probably.The thing is many of them are ignorant about history of Unix,history breads inspiration henceforth they lack inspiration.Whenever i say i supprt GNU/linux people comment oh you are against Microsoft being a computer science student you say i haven’t worked with any Unix(Gnu/Linux,Solaris,Bsd) you are going to loose a great deal.Its like someone doing a masters in physics saying i dont know Einstein.Many say will it help plaement ” i dont take birth get placed in Tcs” placements is an ancillory part and not the end in it.Its the knowledge you learn.The tools in FOSS world were developed by students like us.The basic reason for all these issues un inspiring staff community and prejudice that you are doing such and such things i am not going accept or use even if its a kick ass thing.The other thing is “will it fetch me internal mark? “will it increase my pay scale”.Fuck then y enginneering well if money is the end in allthere are jobs to do that.First of all  willing to learn is a life time journey.My grand father who is sixty seven years old translated a book  on palestine war which was released yesterday.He says to me “hey bring that Linux thing i will try that in my system!”.He bought a system six months back,has a gmail id and write s letters to the editor in it.