Chennai well i have some thoughts to share

I am at chennai now and u know its the showpiece of loopsided economic liberalisation.There is anarchy in the way Chennai operates.I dont know whether you are in what side of the political spectrum but reality will show you that poor in Chennai have no place out here.Glitering shopping malls,food courts,awefull traffic its just all about money honey.I was interacting with one of my friends about the way of life in Chennai,i was complaining about the way people take cars to places totally congested say Usman road  where there is bridge under construction,he was totally shocked when i asked him to use public transport.I was remembered about a Emmanuel Khant’s thought “extract maximum pleasure from the earth with minimum pain to it and its inhabitants”.I came home feeling this city is for people belonging to people with money.The arrival of India the consumerist nation.

I got these questions bothering my sleep totally for some time:

“Is the money what i earn defines me and the way i spend it has any direct relation with my needs”

“Is my needs defined by my wishes then where come from these wishes originate am i just a prisoner of the society what the society defines as trend i go on consuming”

“How people become rich what generates inequality if its hardwork then the one who cleans up our ditches does mork work than a guy working for an MNC and he is more relevant in all sense.”

“Is life just a way to spend the money you earn,is this sustainable to this nation or to say the entire planet”

P.S:In kenya owing tremendous food scarcity a child was forced to eat what her mother vommited we are in an age of shortage   should we not share the burden when consuming scarce resources.As people say Ignorance is bliss.


3 responses to “Chennai well i have some thoughts to share

  1. Hi pal,

    I had same questions when i came to bangalore, where the cost of living is even higher.
    It’s quite disheartening when everybody or the other u meet here takes resources (money especially ) for granted..

  2. Hi,

    Sorry for a very delayed comment. But I thought you might still be interested and might have a few those questions. And sorry for this long comment.

    The first thing that I felt was that this divide is not just in Chennai or Bangalore, but in all cities. It is just that the divide is some what less. Take Trichy for example. In lot of areas, you still find extremely poor. I learnt that even the cheapest provisional stores are beyond their reach.

    As for those questions, I am not sure if you will read further because you may find my answers spiritual(But it is definitely _not_ religious, so you may continue to read, if you wish). If you live a life that the world expect you to live, then yes, definitely money you earn defines you. But if you live a life that you feel is correct, money you earn has nothing to do with it, expect that it should be above the bare minimum required.

    In the present scenario, we are made to believe that our needs are from our wishes. But I think is in a different way, which might be wrong. I think that basic needs are agreeable. But people do have something called a “status” need. That arises out of comparisons with peers and we wish to live their life.

    How people become rich is definitely hard to answer, assuming that having money alone doesn’t mean one is rich. But the salary is based not just on the physical work, but the technical and managerial work as well. But this question of people who give us the basic needs(like sanitary workers etc. ) getting very low wages has puzzled me for a few years.

    Life is all about living in harmony with the people, resources and planet as such and has nothing to do with exorbitant spending. But the below example will help you know how the world looks things at.

    When I was waiting at the bus stop one morning last week, a man who was standing next to me had a look at my ID card and asked why I am not buying a Car and why I am wasting time in a bus stop. How would you have responded. I decided never to wear the card outside the campus.

  3. I have moved my blog here and i dont post here these days 🙂 .

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