The Nuclear game the way i predict

The nuclear deal has become the Achilles  heal of the UPA governmet for the  past two years now.I am no nostradamus but common sense shows how things will move.I believe the Left will withdraw support in a day or two and the SP will support the government in case of a floor test.The BJP will just create chaos or pandemonium and will try to take some communal advantage out of it.The majority in the news media will accuse the left of being patriotic to China(All u old folks remember peking patriots during the Indo-china war ).The regional parties will be busy promoting their wards for the next generation,i heard kanimozhi’s ward is being trained for some youth organisation post.I honestly at times believe karunanidhi follows the varna system in power sharing.Periyar would be happy to see the developments leave it thats for another post.

So the government would be safe for now and the Nuclear deal is the panacea for our woes as Bush believes in nuclear weapon 😀 .

Now i wish to ask some questions just for history and record i dont expect any answers to it.

1)Why is the PM so obsessed with the word given to the US president yet he does not mind about the left sensibilities back home?.Look this government was a coalition arrangement on the basis of a common minimum programme.So u give a word you try to stick to it,at least people in responsible positions should abide by this thumb rule.

2)The nation is in a fix with growing inflation,price rise has manifested in misery to most of Indian workforce who earn less than 20 per day.Now how much the nuclear deal is a life and death problem for these people who are more dependent on the government.

3)The United States has been trying to put India against China,and make India as its strategic  partner.Now what we need now is a multipolar order  based on the egalitarian principles of freedom and equality.Is the UPA government sacrificing an independent foreign policy for the sake of this nuclear deal?US has killed 1 million innocent civillians in Iraq and had filled the lives of millions with despair in Iraq.Are we going to taste blood for the bones thrown by US?


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