Makkal TV s commendable Effort

I was very much interested in the concept promoted by makkal tv.It was meant to break the stereotype associated with TV programs.It was launched sans ant filmy programs or mega serials and it has got cult following these days.Now makkal TV has started showing Russian films of late.I was thinking long back why these movie channels dont air quality international movies.Now makkal TV has come up with the idea of telecasting Russian movies every second sundays.Yesterday they aired the movie “The Ballad of a soldier” it is the movie of a russian soldier returning from war to visit his mother.The highlight was that Makkal TV aired the movie with tamil subtitles and every half an hour there was a host explaining the story and other features associated with the movie.It is a commendable effort and i sincerely hope that it continues to show good quality international movies 🙂 .


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