Dasavatharam Interesting History

Dasavatharam is making waves among film buffs and ardent kamal fans like me are waiting for the movie to get released. The audio got launched recently in mega function.The movie involving kamal in juxtapose of characters right from an aged nanny to a research scientist and a 12th century vainava saint. Now there is an interesting history associated with the movie.During the medeival Chola period the kings were predominantly shaivites(followers of shiva) and kulothunga Chola 2 who stayed in Chidhambaram was a religious fanatic and harmed the peacefull coexistence of shaivites and vaishnavites.He removed the vishnu idol from the chidhambaram temple and it was vehemently opposed by the vaishnava followers.Notable among this was ramanujar who was forced to live in exile and ultimately thrown into sea tied up with the vishnu idol when he refused to worship shiva.This film has this as one of its plot in the story and one of the role kamal acts is of ramanujar and he is thrown into the sea this is is shown in the trailer 🙂 . I heard the story involves a complex plot based on Chaos theory let see what the ulaga nayagan comes up with this time.


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