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பொன்னியின் செல்வ்ன்

An awesome book by Kalki that was published initially in the kalki periodical.I had a chance to read this 2400 epic about the Chola kingdom.I was spellbound just could not keep the book down.Even the great George Orwell’s sattire didnt keep me tied down as Kalki did.I was honestly amazed about kalki’s narration,the simple yet serene beauty of characaterisation.The story revolves around Vandhiyathevan the hero of the story through which we are introduced to other characters.Kalki just brings the beauty of women characters to the readers imagination.We get spellbound by the beauty of early tamil nadu.You know one thing i hail from srirangam actually srirangam is an island which has cauvery in one side and kollidam in the south.Srirangam is a vaisnavite holy land having lord renganatha blessing his disciples.I got fascinated by the shivite-vaisnavite debates in the book especially Azhvarkadiyannambi fighting it out with the shivites.

Honestly i fell literally in love with most of princesses in the book be it kundhavai,Vanadhi or Poonguzhali i miss them as if they are my girl friends these days ;).

Kundhavai- Amazing lady brilliant,creative,erudite and what not.The way she handles the dangers to the chola kingdom.I got moved by the way the she fells in love with vandhiyadevan wow what romance it just increased my belief in the wonderfull feeling of love.

Vanadhi:Innocent,loving,caring and the way she loves arulmozhi i got envy on arulmozhi.

Poonguzhali:Brave,daring,innovative,adventurous.I thought of going to kollidam and look for some girl on a boat he he he.

Vandhiyathevan and arulmozhi varman’s friendship is comparable to fidel-che or marx-engel friendship.Vandhiya tricky,lovable,brave intelligent the way he gets into trouble and comes out of it is really interesting.Arulmozhi’s honestly,loyality,the way he respects kundhavai and vandhiyathevan is amazing and enjoyable a read.He  is being loved by the entire chola kingdom.

This book has literally hijacked me of all senses.I believe anyone knowing tamil should have a try at this epic story it has history,love,friendship and what not to savour.Awesome book 😉


இது என் முதல் முயற்ச்சி

நான் வாழ்வில் இழைத்த பெரும் தவருகளில் ஒன்று முறையாக தமிழ்ப் பயிள தவறியது.நான் படித்த பள்ளியில் தமிழ் சொல்லித் தறப்படவில்லை.அதனால் நான் எழுதும் தமிழில் பிழைகள் இருக்கும்,மண்ணியுங்கள் முயளுகிறேன். 😉

Makkal TV s commendable Effort

I was very much interested in the concept promoted by makkal tv.It was meant to break the stereotype associated with TV programs.It was launched sans ant filmy programs or mega serials and it has got cult following these days.Now makkal TV has started showing Russian films of late.I was thinking long back why these movie channels dont air quality international movies.Now makkal TV has come up with the idea of telecasting Russian movies every second sundays.Yesterday they aired the movie “The Ballad of a soldier” it is the movie of a russian soldier returning from war to visit his mother.The highlight was that Makkal TV aired the movie with tamil subtitles and every half an hour there was a host explaining the story and other features associated with the movie.It is a commendable effort and i sincerely hope that it continues to show good quality international movies 🙂 .

Dasavatharam Interesting History

Dasavatharam is making waves among film buffs and ardent kamal fans like me are waiting for the movie to get released. The audio got launched recently in mega function.The movie involving kamal in juxtapose of characters right from an aged nanny to a research scientist and a 12th century vainava saint. Now there is an interesting history associated with the movie.During the medeival Chola period the kings were predominantly shaivites(followers of shiva) and kulothunga Chola 2 who stayed in Chidhambaram was a religious fanatic and harmed the peacefull coexistence of shaivites and vaishnavites.He removed the vishnu idol from the chidhambaram temple and it was vehemently opposed by the vaishnava followers.Notable among this was ramanujar who was forced to live in exile and ultimately thrown into sea tied up with the vishnu idol when he refused to worship shiva.This film has this as one of its plot in the story and one of the role kamal acts is of ramanujar and he is thrown into the sea this is is shown in the trailer 🙂 . I heard the story involves a complex plot based on Chaos theory let see what the ulaga nayagan comes up with this time.