Four Years a look back.,I will miss TCE

Hmmm time moves so fast with so much happiness my college life gonna end now.It has been a great time of life learnt a lot some amazing experiences amazing people whom i am gonna miss.I was a blank slide when i came in computers bit nervous whether i could cope or excel had a lot of aprehensions i think this college and my seniors provided me with some great passions to chase like free software among others.Thanks to one and all first of all to have made this expedition fruitful.

In the first year i was bit nervous as with most juniors caught up many times with seniors in ragging tussle and had lots of fun started with friends making with like minded people.I entered the department in second semester and i still believe it was the best of all semester for all the good reasons.

In the second year i got involved with the free software community and participated in free software related  works like GLUGot and Fstival et al.I also was part of the organizing team in cyber and other symposiums held in the department.I learnt a lot inteam work,organising things.

In third year i was selected the joint secretary of the association and lead my class in organizing Cyber 07 which stands by forth the amazing memories in my life.I had to fight some personal troubles in my third year which painted some bad wounds in my memories.

In addition to it all i was part of poster design for Fstival once,designed site for CTech a private company nad redesigned TCENET css and designed the tecuthsav site.I was part of python development in TCENEt for a short period.Plaisir gave me some oppurtunities to explore my co-curricular abilities to a greater extent.

In the final year i got placed in TCS and motorola and enjoyed throughout with many different activities from my project to floodlights cricket etc.

It was some of my great friends who supported me some have walked with me during midnight performing some painstaking work be it cyber or fstival ho made it possible.Thanks a lot will misuu you all :S.


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