Life of late a mixture of emotions- Mar 2,ThunderKnights,Ooty IV et al

Its been long time i have blogged and had quite a few important events that happened in this period.First and foremost I turned 22 this march and i am hating to get aged more of all the responsibility that people remaind me.It was all fun this birthday as we also had Thunderknights the flood lights cricket tounament organised in the hostel.

I remember cricket way back in life started playing it at the age of four and played for more than fourteen years like anyother mad indian passionate,zealous,hyper-excited and what not.I lost much of the lull for cricket when i entered college but this flood light tournament kindled some old passions.

Galatta Gangsters:

We friends played as a team galatta gangsters we reached the semis and lost out to eventual winners rocking rogues :D.I opened in most matches and got man of the match for my thirty odd runs and this all fell on my birthday and was really happy.

Ooty IV:

Just as we finished thunder knights the same night March 2 we started to a tour to Ooty and coimbatore.We had a lot of fun with all our department mates took a lot os snapes in others camera especially some natural sceneraies.I have gut preference of avoiding photos and better of behind the lens :D.

One of my friend Alagammai got me some cool gifts for my birthday and asked me “hey did you get anything” me:”Errr”(Scratching my head as always) she probably guessed it already and was not much disappointed anyways i am insane robot at times need to change a lot.

Especially when it comes to this gifts,purchases i am clueless.

The final incident was the highlight of the day when we were in train returning to madurai

i just went to the toilet to change my pants and the music player slipped of my pant and fell in the track gush what stupidity.

The player was bothering me a bit especially i wish to live a low-key less-fancy life bit phobiac about electronic goods so its a relief in one sense but yet my dad is in great anger 😛 .


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