From a Movie afficionado to a movie addict

Hey Guys,
Iam always bit crazy when it comes to movies and what if someone gives me a collection of DVD s a treasure trove of more than thirty films in languages ranging from japanesse,french,german,afghan et al.It was amazing fun viewing a variety of movies for more than a month now.These are the creamy ones i enjoyed the most:

1)Motorcycle diaries:
The autobiography of my hero the legendary revolutionary Ernesto Guevera “che” is a breathtaking movie covering the length and breadth of latin america to the incas to machu pichu and the plains of argentina and the transformatoin of Che from a happy go youth to a serious revolutionary.

2)Amelie:An awesome french movie about amelie a girl trying to change the life of people around.

3)Lives of Others:A movie on the life of east German people before the berlin wall was broken this has from love,suspicion,anger,wiretapping et al awesome movie.

4)American Gangster:A true story of drug mafia taking place in America in the 1970 amazing acting by Washington and Russel Crowe.

5)Eternal Sunshines of spotless Mind:Simply awesome πŸ˜€

The list also includes: Osama,Rashomon and seven samurai (Akira kurusowa awesome director),Battleship Potemkin(Russian movie sans any dialogue filmed in 1920s,Be with me etc)


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