Fossconf 08 @ MIT chrompet — “man i loved electric trains”

Hey guys in the first week of February ILUGC(indian linux users group chennai) and NRCFOSS organised a conference on Free and open source software at MIT chrompet.It was a great event we were part of the TCE team as volunteers.From our set me,vins and bala attended the conference it was outright fun all the way.We were accompanied by our juniors who won a prize for best stall congrats to everyone.

We ourself put up stall on “GNU/Linux Networking” and were speaking about DNS server,proxy server and blah-blah but many viewers were novice and first time and we modified the stall as GNU/Linux basics and bored every one on why GNU? whats GNU? and stuff like that.The part i loved was we stayed in my aunts house in T.Nagar every day we used the electric train to reach to chrompet man i loved it i had a fuzzy doubt why so many people use roads in chennai!?.

We attended sessions on Django ,PHP attacks and defences, Parallel programming and introduction to ruby.There was a crpto challenge question was put up in FOSSconf i was not able to mail the results yet came up with a clumsy solution for a question.People please comment on it.

Question:In RSA given the value of n the product of two prime numbers and phi(n) the euler totien value find the value of p&q.


1)First check whether ‘n’ is even if so return p as 2 and q as n/2 as any even number which is a product of two prime numbers should be 2 and n/2.

2)Else find n-phi(n)-1 this value would be an even number say n is 35 and phi(n) is 24 that is 24 values are relatively prime to 35 the remaining values are 1 and the multiple of 5 and 7 in this case that is p and q.Now u have q-1 multiples of p and p-1 multiples of q which are not relatively prime to n i.e in this case 6 multiples of 4 and 4 multiples of the value 10=6+4.

3)Now take the value n-phi(n)-1 in this case 10 express it as a sum of two even numbers such that the product of the two numbers is phi(n) add one to the values to obtain p and q.

4)I will post the python implementation soon and hope u would know how bad i code.

Brian Behlendorf the founder of apache foundation was the chief guest for the closing day cermony.He spoke about how open source software is changing the society and he gave real life examples of the impact of open source software.


3 responses to “Fossconf 08 @ MIT chrompet — “man i loved electric trains”

  1. hey there are no railway stations in adyar, besant nagar, anna nagar etc.

  2. Hari Hara Sudhan

    Please consider for large values of n. Normally the length of n will be 1024 or 2048 bits.

    In that case it would be difficult to represent (n-phi(n)-1 ) as sum of even integers.

  3. If only I had a dollar for every time I came here… Amazing writing.

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