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Saluting Bilkis Bano

At times when you feel so proud of yourself you get lost in an aura of self praise blinded like an ostrich in a blissful oblivion time and again you hear of great people reminded of great deeds which shatters all myth.The extraordinary valor,courage and zeal of perceverence showed by Bilkis Bano a victim of the gory Gujarat riots seven years ago is truly inspirational.She with six other women were gang raped by a mob of fascist morons,Bilkis was pregnant at the time(cruel shit!) her 3 year old children was smashed in head and killed brutally.Bilkis after recovering from the incident went to a near by police station to register a complaint and she was foxed because of her ignorance.Thanks to the supreme court the investigation was moved to Mumbai this was all after the “modern day Neros” were waging a lost battle in saving the perpetrators of the carnage unleashed upon the innocent Muslims.The postmortem was shabby,heads were cut to prevent identification,chilly powders were thrown upon the body’s etc.After all the struggle 11 of the 14 have been sentenced to life thanks to the effort of Bilkis Bano.

For those who like me who had thought whether progressive thought has taken a beating in Gujarat this is a hope at the end of the tunnel.Ordinary people of Gujarat don’t even feel a sense of remorse for what they have done. Lets hope there is a future for secularism in Gujarat.


Tecuthsav web design Jquery et al

Thiagarajar college of engineering is organising a tech festival named Tecuthsav from february 13 to february 17. I was part of the web designing teamin developing the website for tecuthsav.Especially the CSS and the UI design part which i worked with.It was really a fruitfull experience as i tried Jquery for the first time.Jquery is a javascript library released under GPL.It love in first sight for me with Jquery.I hate Java,javascript basically because i dont understand it coz of its clumsy syntax and stuff and due to python.Now what if javascript is as enjoyable as python, is thats what you feel when you use Jquery.
Check this
Now the above code snippet means on clicking the div.#foobar the background of all divs is changed to red.Now there is a variety of stuffs you can with jquery check here.Now i used Jquery in the menu of events visible in the site.I have given all the event rules as JSON files and on clicking a link it fetches the corresponding JSON file asynchronously.
There are also variety of pluggins availabe in jquery you can use for your benefut like calendar,animation etc.
Now this is the code i use to perform the JSON operations.
var name=$(this).text();
var filename=’json/’+ name + ‘.json’;
//var filename=’json/SubtleKnife.json’;



var html=’add the html stuff here with JSON data say event[‘name’]’


Jquery is truly amazing to say the least for web designers it adds so much meaning to web design.Those of who like me hating javascript can try jquery to achieve nifty stuff.There are loads of pluggin associated with jquery which are truly amazing.Many javascript libraries are cryptic in nature but jquery gives user enormous power.If you are part of some web designing project and dont use Jquery you are missing something truly amazing and interesting. 🙂

Taare Zameen Par

TZP is an awesome movie about a beautiful nine year old boy Ishaan awasthi who suffers from dyslexia.He is not able to read or write properly yet he is highly creative especially in paintings,crafts eyc.His poor show in academics makes his parents annoyed who have no clue whatsoever about his disability.They force him into a boarding school and incomes Ram Shankar Nikumbh ( Aamir khan) an art teacher who also runs a separate school for specially gifted children.He brings out the inner potential of Ishaan by removing his anamoly.This movie criticises the way we treat children and the pressure on them due to academics.The songs are superb the one which plays in the background when Ishaan is left in the boarding school actually filled my eyes with tears.The dialogue that resonated in me was “If you wish to make your child compete in races breed horses why breed children”.Wow good stuff great work ;).