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The ghost of Nandigram

The 24X7 media ensures that every incident gets over covered and the private media was in cloud nine when the left parties were cornered in the nandigram incident.The media got so over board that it in the process killed the broad principles on which Indian journalism stands on.There was even comparisons with the genocide that took place in Gujarat.To make things clear Nandigram incident was an attempt to capture territory.It all started with the West Bengal government announcing its plan to setup a chemical hub in Nandigram and the haldia authority unilaterally issued a notice regarding land for the project.Rumors were wild that land will be confiscated,mousques will be destroyed,no compensations will be paid and what not.The location of the chemical hub was selected as nandigram only after the legislature committee containing all political parties found it apt.Now there was an opportunistic alliance under the banner of BUPC containing forces from far-left to far-right.The house of the left sympathizers were looted,burnt,the panchayat office was set ablaze,the panchayat chairman a woman was abused and attacked.This all happened when the panchayat was discussing about the health care achievements of Nandigram.Twenty seven left sympathizers were killed mostly those who were willing to give land for the project.3500 people of Nandigram mostly left sympathizers were driven out of their homes and lived for eleven months in camps.Now what was the need of a movement when the chief minister himself has clarifies that there will be no project if the people does not wish it.Now there was no administration,no police in Nandigram for eleven months.The government wanted a political solution called for an all party meeting innumerable times which the opposition trianamool congress rejected what was the government expected to do.What about the plight of the people in the camps.

Amidst all this the private media channel CNN-IBN showed a clipping of a man shooting a person who’s identity no one is sure of.It comes to conclusion that it was a left worker who is a shooting.It comes up with a poll that “Is the cpi(m) hand in blood?”.The very next day the person who recorded that video(a freelance journalist) clarifies that he is not sure of that identity and circumstantial evidence shows that it was actually a BUPC worker.

Now think of a political party in J&K having an alliance with the Mujahetheens for political mileage.This is simillar to the trinamool having alliance with the maoists.It is a grave situation and the consequence of the mistake would be a threat to the nation.


The absurd Copyright laws in digital era

Copyright laws have been here for years now to prevent plagiarism especially in written content and works of creativity.These were gradually extended to songs,movies and other means of entertainment.With the advent of the information age the whole world is connected through the Internet.Peer-to-Peer sharing of information is the order of the day now this is posing a threat to the global monopoly and the economic order imposed by the economic strongmen.The entertainment companies are trying to revert technological development to scuffle information sharing.They consider sharing of mp3 songs,movies,videos through the internet as a violation of copyright laws.The business model adopted by these companies are not in times with the information era it just concentrates on profits rather than logic.The main argument given by these companies is that the violation of copyright hurts the creator and is an insult to creativity.The companies also argue that for every file downloaded hurts the CD sales to great extent while this is baseless as all songs downloaded would not be bought. Now in reality if a customer is made to suffer like following these idiotic procedures many would not even hear to most songs.The companies should go for alternative business models as proposed by people like Edben Mogellen like customers contributing voluntarily to the creators.Information technology connected through networks facilitate manipulation and sharing of huge data very easily.

Now why was copying say printed material is not feasible for everyone is that the technology is costly but digital technology gives us infinite copying in just a mouse click without any loss of quality.Thus applying same copyright laws defies any logic and negates the very advantage of digital revolution.In Peer-to-Peer networks data is not stored in a single server but among peer computers.Every user is making information available to others instantaneously.

Tracing people by using IP addresses and randomly suing people for copyright violation has become the order of the day.The records industry is intimidating people by threatening them through courts. The copyright laws applied to present digital technology does not make sense.

The Draconian DRM:-

The companies have come up with an assault on information freedom by the new digital rights management which prevents copying entertainment material available in a specific encrypted formats.Thus if you need a song say on your player,ipod,computer you need to buy separately for everyone of them.Now these stupidities first of all irritate customers and the DRM methods are continuously broken in the Internet thus making them ineffective.Music is not brought anymore its just rented for specific time.It is impossible to come up with a DRM system that is unbreakable.Its an assault on the culture of freedom and pushes to a permission culture.The products of our culture like music,art,movies are not available for future use and may cripple innovation affecting creators of the future generation.the DRM will lock down the culture of information and freedom.With growing number of Internet users in India i believe the entertainment industry should go in for creative business model rather than joining the bandwagon.Restricting internet users is not feasible at all as the web is too big .

Conclusion–>The global capitalists are waging a lost battle in ensuring monopoly and preventing the free flow of information which the digital era promises.These steps are highly retrograde in nature and affect technological advancements.Hope the plot is broken and Long live Freedom 🙂