FStival 07 aka Software Freedom Day.,Why use GNU/LInux

Fstival 07 celebrated in our college as part of the software freedom day celebrated all over the world was lots of fun.The stalls were visited by many inspite of vinayak chathurthi a national holiday.The stalls were really memorable especially the second years did a fine job i visited lots of stalls and learnt a lot especially Latex,GIMP,Blender which i havent tried much.We also had lots of fun in the run up to the event.

Ok i thought of ranting something totally non-technical,non-philosophical  part of using GNU/Linux.I had a strange question from someone “why don’t use windows?” I was honestly amused by this question i didnt meant to say that the source code is open stuff and all he is no way interested in those things.Leave all prejudice and think about debian in day to day stuff:

I dont suffer from viruses infecting me no “MUHAHA” saying me to use I.E.

I copied the other day a movie file sized 750mb in five minutes from my pen drive in Linux it took me more than 21 minutes in windose xp.

I have all software available for download with amazing variety dont have to care about piracy or expiry date etc.

You worry about the GUI stuff stop by my room i will show you eye-candy with Beryl COmpiz which is a feature in Debian and not the entire OS but the other day Microsoft presented Vista there was not anything other than GUI madness..madness.

I havent spoken anything technical if  you wish to hear good quality music try MPlayer,Amarok hope your ears are not loaded with prejudice.

Hmmm and how many of the microsoft passionates buy original copy of vista or windows just using pirated bullshit and speaking some crap just because some one other is using GNU/Linux is childish.

Still you wish to lick the dollar dick go ahead who cares let us see if people are forced to spend 3K for basic edition how many of them dare to do that.

If you know computer history “Microsoft is the only company that makes money out of selling just software every company sells hardware suppoted with free software”.If someone had predicted that twenty years ago that a company would make money out of just bundling software people would have laughed and made a clown out of you .


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