CSS design and Firebug

I have been into CSS design for quite sometime now (honestly its a painstaking job) and i wish to get out of it as soon as it gets.CSS stands for cascaded style sheets which are used to apply design or uniform patterns to a website.The open nature of a webpage guarantees you that learning css is pretty easy but designing a new site is honestly time consuming.

For beginners the hard part is the “CSS Box model“,”Liquid flow layout”,”Uniform design across different sites” is the hardest part.The first time i and my friend designed the CSS for the TCENET page – an intranet portal of our college.It was inspired from drupal barlow theme.IMHO, the best way to learn CSS is to open a drupal theme and try to understand that its pretty simple.In designing the tcenet portal what we managed was to make it tableless so the loading is faster and its more aligned and structed.But it had a poor browser support that is it had optimal view in 1024×768 in I.E and firefox and thanks to difference in the way I.E interprets the box model it looked bad in many browsers.
Then the second time was designing a site for CTECH inc a company which asked for a design it was a contest for department students.Now the design was uniform and good.You can have a look at it here.The way it looks in various browsers can be seen here.

I figured this tool firebug of late and i instantly fall in love with it.If you are into CSS site this is a must tool for you.The tool can be used to dissect any site in the web understand its CSS,HTML,Java script and the images used.The CSS can also be modified dynamically and the updates are instantaneous.Firebug is a firefox pluggin and its truly amazing.The tool can be used to identify the images used and the time it takes to load each image.
Yahoo ui library is a javascript collection released under the BSD license and it has many nifty effects which can be incorporated into any site to improve attraction.


One response to “CSS design and Firebug

  1. I love firebugs – i think this is a gret post introducing it to people who may not know about the firefox plugin yet..

    I have found firebugs to be particulaly useful when inside of a CMS platform, cmScribe, HotBanana, 1and1, etc, it allows me to track the template and even the class that the CSS is sitting in

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