Life during weekend@Home

These days staying at hostel i occasionally go to my home once in three weeks and its a lot of fun out there.One thing i love going home other than meeting my parents out there is the wide variety of books i get to read.My usual favourites are ANANTHA VIKATAN,FRONTLINE,PEOPLE’s DEMOCRACY.My luck turned out such that all these were really refreshing and also i got to study some extra ones.

Vikatan had a series on Ernersto “Che” Guevera  the revolutionary who died fighting.The lost words of this great mind still reverberatingand deamonising imperial nations–> “Shoot Coward you are going to kill a man” a true universal hero.The cuban children reside this evrey day “Our ancestors were communists and we would be like “che”.The other favourites of mine in a vikatan are “O pakangal” by gnani,”Ulaga cinema” on good international movies and much more.

The other books i had this weekend are:

“The questions raised by Kasturba:the wife of the Mahatma” represents the life of kasturba and the hardships she has to pay as the wife of the mahatm.It was a refreshing book by Mythili sivaraman in tamil.

Venmani oru kalathin pathippu is another book i grasped it was about the kizhavenmani masscare that took place 40 years ago when some 42 dalit farm labourers were killed by torching them in a hut just for asking half a cup more wage.

This is also the hundreth year anniversary of Jeeva i would post on the life of this great man soon..


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  1. i want more about venmani oru kalathinpathipu please help me

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