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12 Angry Men ! awesome movie

12 angry menA couple of days back i had the chance to view this movie The 12 angry men had heard about the movie long back watching it was amazing and totally entertaining movie.Movie released 50 years without any graphics,love,romance with a storyline on how prejudice obscures truth is scintillating.The film begins on a trial in a court about a boy who is charged of stabbing his father and the judge asks twelve people to brainstorm on the circumstantial evidence and come with a unanimous award whether to convict or release the convict.Initially all but one decide to send the convict to chair and the one person put forth arguments against sending the boy to the chair.This creates a lot of fuss among the other eleven and finally he convinces all to release the boy.The film revolves entirely in a single room where the discussion takes place neither the murder or any associated scenes are explicitly shown but the director uses the characters to give a picturesque of the entire incident.Truly amazing movie!


FStival 07 aka Software Freedom Day.,Why use GNU/LInux

Fstival 07 celebrated in our college as part of the software freedom day celebrated all over the world was lots of fun.The stalls were visited by many inspite of vinayak chathurthi a national holiday.The stalls were really memorable especially the second years did a fine job i visited lots of stalls and learnt a lot especially Latex,GIMP,Blender which i havent tried much.We also had lots of fun in the run up to the event.

Ok i thought of ranting something totally non-technical,non-philosophical  part of using GNU/Linux.I had a strange question from someone “why don’t use windows?” I was honestly amused by this question i didnt meant to say that the source code is open stuff and all he is no way interested in those things.Leave all prejudice and think about debian in day to day stuff:

I dont suffer from viruses infecting me no “MUHAHA” saying me to use I.E.

I copied the other day a movie file sized 750mb in five minutes from my pen drive in Linux it took me more than 21 minutes in windose xp.

I have all software available for download with amazing variety dont have to care about piracy or expiry date etc.

You worry about the GUI stuff stop by my room i will show you eye-candy with Beryl COmpiz which is a feature in Debian and not the entire OS but the other day Microsoft presented Vista there was not anything other than GUI madness..madness.

I havent spoken anything technical if  you wish to hear good quality music try MPlayer,Amarok hope your ears are not loaded with prejudice.

Hmmm and how many of the microsoft passionates buy original copy of vista or windows just using pirated bullshit and speaking some crap just because some one other is using GNU/Linux is childish.

Still you wish to lick the dollar dick go ahead who cares let us see if people are forced to spend 3K for basic edition how many of them dare to do that.

If you know computer history “Microsoft is the only company that makes money out of selling just software every company sells hardware suppoted with free software”.If someone had predicted that twenty years ago that a company would make money out of just bundling software people would have laughed and made a clown out of you .

CSS design and Firebug

I have been into CSS design for quite sometime now (honestly its a painstaking job) and i wish to get out of it as soon as it gets.CSS stands for cascaded style sheets which are used to apply design or uniform patterns to a website.The open nature of a webpage guarantees you that learning css is pretty easy but designing a new site is honestly time consuming.

For beginners the hard part is the “CSS Box model“,”Liquid flow layout”,”Uniform design across different sites” is the hardest part.The first time i and my friend designed the CSS for the TCENET page – an intranet portal of our college.It was inspired from drupal barlow theme.IMHO, the best way to learn CSS is to open a drupal theme and try to understand that its pretty simple.In designing the tcenet portal what we managed was to make it tableless so the loading is faster and its more aligned and structed.But it had a poor browser support that is it had optimal view in 1024×768 in I.E and firefox and thanks to difference in the way I.E interprets the box model it looked bad in many browsers.
Then the second time was designing a site for CTECH inc a company which asked for a design it was a contest for department students.Now the design was uniform and good.You can have a look at it here.The way it looks in various browsers can be seen here.

I figured this tool firebug of late and i instantly fall in love with it.If you are into CSS site this is a must tool for you.The tool can be used to dissect any site in the web understand its CSS,HTML,Java script and the images used.The CSS can also be modified dynamically and the updates are instantaneous.Firebug is a firefox pluggin and its truly amazing.The tool can be used to identify the images used and the time it takes to load each image.
Yahoo ui library is a javascript collection released under the BSD license and it has many nifty effects which can be incorporated into any site to improve attraction.

Life during weekend@Home

These days staying at hostel i occasionally go to my home once in three weeks and its a lot of fun out there.One thing i love going home other than meeting my parents out there is the wide variety of books i get to read.My usual favourites are ANANTHA VIKATAN,FRONTLINE,PEOPLE’s DEMOCRACY.My luck turned out such that all these were really refreshing and also i got to study some extra ones.

Vikatan had a series on Ernersto “Che” Guevera  the revolutionary who died fighting.The lost words of this great mind still reverberatingand deamonising imperial nations–> “Shoot Coward you are going to kill a man” a true universal hero.The cuban children reside this evrey day “Our ancestors were communists and we would be like “che”.The other favourites of mine in a vikatan are “O pakangal” by gnani,”Ulaga cinema” on good international movies and much more.

The other books i had this weekend are:

“The questions raised by Kasturba:the wife of the Mahatma” represents the life of kasturba and the hardships she has to pay as the wife of the mahatm.It was a refreshing book by Mythili sivaraman in tamil.

Venmani oru kalathin pathippu is another book i grasped it was about the kizhavenmani masscare that took place 40 years ago when some 42 dalit farm labourers were killed by torching them in a hut just for asking half a cup more wage.

This is also the hundreth year anniversary of Jeeva i would post on the life of this great man soon..