Manufactured Reality-An introspection@60

India celebrated its sixty years of independence last week truly it has been a great journey there are many things we can be proud of over secular credentials,working democracy,fifty years of elections,universal adult franchise etc.But one thing that is striking me hard is the level of economic polarization taking place after the market reforms which has produced a genre of people who are considering themselves the sole representatives of culture.The market tends to favour those having money eventually leading stereotype tastes.See the films being made people especially urban youth does not realise or accept that yet poverty is a big issue in this nation.Thats why films depicting farmer suicides or to say rural life or to say atleast reality is too distant.Its the ostrich styled blissful oblivion that is blinding people.Its the specific reason why patent nonsenses like “Sivaji” or to say the various western styled TV programs get so much hype out of nothing.Aishwarya Rai Abhishek Bachan marriage evokes more passionate response than Indo Us nuclear deal.Media and the judiciary have also come under neo-liberal mindset the growing tenacity of the court ruling against the common man in the reservation issues or the judiciary strucking down of the kerela govt act in abolitioning of the capitation fee are examples in this regard.Media’s over hyped coverage of the “Anti-reservation” protest and its convenient ingnorance about the suffering of dalit students in AIMS in the wake of this issue also speaks volumes about the caste prejudice of the media.More than fifty percent of all chief justices of India have been bhramins(6% of population),P.Sainath (Magssassay award winner) was refering to the abysmal representation of dalits in media.

Dalits continue to suffer from apartheid like situation performing dangerous jobs including manual scavenging even in economically well of states like karnataka and tamilnadu.Rural people have fallen out of the radar.Indian officials in an international summit have rejected claims by international society of apartheid like situation in india.Incidentally india has been aligning with nations like the sudan in human rights issues.For those of you who remember India was the first nation to severe ties with South Africa over the Apartheid issue.Now we are hiding our ass when it comes to an issue in our backyard rather than accepting reality and finding solution to it.I remember this quote

“A pig with feathers behind its ear is still a pig and not a bird of paradise.”

Take the innumerable cases of dalit repression take for instance the girl student Dhanam from tamilnadu who was hit by a stick for drinking water in the school lost her eye sight four years back.It caused ripples in the society now her state is pathetic and she challenges people to get a cup of water for a dalit from a upper caste family.


2 responses to “Manufactured Reality-An introspection@60

  1. True, i agree to the fact that such pathetic incidents do happen.if 6% of the indian population have been over-represented in the judicial arena thats because they deserved it and it is nothing to do with caste.

    In an era where caste has to be abolished and ECONOMICALLY backward people have to be brought to the forefront these caste funda doesn’t hold promising future for neither.With rumors like government backing caste based appointment in the private establishments it would only spell doom to our burgeoning Indian MNC’s like our new robust single window system without entrance exam for engineering seats in our state.

  2. i want more information about the book venmani oru kalathin pathipu

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