Movies its an addiction difficult to cure

I always watch quite a lot movies the bizarre thing is most movies i liked most of my friends get bored off many a times i used to curiously suggets some movies and get screwed for my taste.Recently Sivaji starring RajiniKanth(aka superstar) and directed by Shankar was relaesed and it was the most over rated over hyped movie i have seen and didnt like it much.I got a chance to see some good hollywood movies which were really good.

Schindler’s List:God this was a long overdue and i got a chance to have it this month.A real life story of Oscar Schindler who saved many jews during the holocaust.

V for Vendatta:This movie impressed me quite a bit but really hard to follow.Its againts totalitarian governments.

Farenheit 9/11:This is a scintillating documentary be Michael Moore on the controversies of september attacks.Have a go at it cool movie.

The Butterfly Effect:This is a movie based on chaos theory take an example if you have a chance to change certain events of your life what could be your present try this movie a cool one.

P.S:Not to mention waiting for the release of Dasavatharam by kamal hassan being an ardent kamal fan(read it veriyan).


One response to “Movies its an addiction difficult to cure

  1. Nice post. Schindler’s list proves to be quite elusive for me too. some day perhaps i would quench that.

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