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CEO salaries and Farmer Suicides Economy@disarray

Last week the architect of Indian economic reforms and present day P.M of Indian Dr.Manmohan Singh pleaded before the Indian Inc to limit sky rocketting ceo salaries and to ensure to limit unlimited consumption and indescent levels of glamour shown in life styles.Here comes the dilemma it was the very same prime minister who s reforms as the finance minister has lead to this pattern of growth.He was the one who flagged off an era of increasing salaries.Last decade there has been more than one lakh farm suicides alone  in the countryside. India produced 83000 high income earners who earn more than one million ruppes per year.The highest income by an Indian CEO is about 15 crore per year where as the lowest income holder in Indian economic spectrum earns around a ten thousand times lesser.Indian agriculture is in total disaaray with fall in production where as more and more farm suicides gripping countryside.The solution to this issue is suggested as “corporate farming allowing big players in farming sector” farming should not be viewed as a source of food security alone but as a livelihood for seventy percent of indians.On the other day i was having chat with my friend who said India is importing wheat as food production has gone down but the real reason is the neo liberal policies blindly pursued.The indian government is relunctant in procuring wheat from indian farmers in the name of fiscal prudence where as import s low quality wheat from foreign companies.Farmers are made to sell the produce for low price which is eventually goes to the hands od big-wigs like reliance which finds it way toonline trading of food products.The whole public distruibution system is in total disarray with the central government suggesting simillar policies to all state governments too or else preventing fiscal allocations to state s failing to implement these policies.
Thus the whole system has ensured that the whole food security of the nation is affected and has affected the livelihood of millions across the nation.Hey but the finance minister P.chidambaram,Montek Singh Ahluwaliya will argue about raising  GDP as the barometer for economic growth.


Periyar the movie on a Leader who fought for masses

I was actually anciously waiting for this movie to get released finally it was released on May first on May day synonymous.The movie was a good effort in clearing the ideologies of periyar it was a round up on his complete life.Many believe periyar as “ANTI-BHRAMIN” and this movie uses the “periyar-rajaji” friendship to blow up those beliefs.Periyar fought for self determination,championed the cause of caste-based reservation for equitable representation.This movie is released at an apt juncture when the social justice movement has suffered a set back thanks to the supreme court judgement.His life also has contemprory lessons in the fight against “untouchability and dalit opressions” suffered by the masses.The film also gives glimpses of how periyar was fore sight in his thinking.In one scene in an interaction with gandhi periyar warns gandhi that religious fundementalists would kill him if he fights for religious unity.He also fore sees the breaking down of Soviet Union in a trip to the nation after the october revolution.I was disappoionted that film failed to register the open protests of periyar against idol worship like breaking “rama idol” which would have registered his thinking.The songs are written by vairamuthu and they are good especially the song “kadavula ill ai Kalla” and “Bhagavan” are of scintilating lyrics.Vairamuthu uses periyar’s jovial remarks about the three lines in a squirrel’s back which people say due to rama touching the squirrel when periyar shoots back “why there s no lines in sita’s back” :).Periyar was not into politics but was in different administrative jobs.Periyar made caste based reservation feasible in tamil nadu which ensured the better state of OBC’s in Tamil Nadu.The film also has scenes showing “reform marriages” which are performed sans any priest.I would prefer one like that in my life.These films should be seen by the youth of the nation probably they may be geeks when it comes to earning but knowing the history prevents us from commiting many mistakes.Kudos to the entire team they have done a good job.Satyaraj and kushboo have been great especially satyaraj has lived as periyar.The director is doing a good job GnanRajasekharan prior to this directed “Bharathi” and should continue his good work.Well Done 🙂