Placement Saga the untold story…Placed@TCS

It was an interesting weekend as placement fever swept TCE and people were anxious to hear their names being read out in the list of selected candidates.Some heartbroken some in cloud nine a lot of emotions and true spirit of egalatarian friendship expressed in a single week it was truly amazing.TCS-Tata consultancy services visited the campus on 21 may and hired nearly 355 candidates.The aptitude exam was on monday and the interview on the sub sequent days.Arun prasaath missed out on the aptitude as he stood by the philosophy with me not to mug the questions that were released as “TCS Confidential”.I honestly was spell bound by the spirit with which he took the result congrats comrade.Many of my friends got placed at TCS but a few missed out that included – “vins ,Mallu,Gopi” and others.They were visibly down and Mallu was one who had tears filling up his eyes.It was really difficult to console people so decided to stay until guys got placed.Then came CTS which hired another fifty five students and guys like mallu,vins,arun got placed in it.Gopi was left out and it was difficult time for him.One guy who got placed in CTS was Ramki from EEE and was  really happy as he was allowed in the last moment .Gopi got placed in Infosys and was truly happy about it.

There was a striking criticism among guys that girls were not helping out their peers this was foolish and utterly “male chauvinistic”.One of my friend is yet to go home she descends from a distant place and has stayed back to ensure her friends to go through.She has not met her parents for four months.Dont do hasty generelisations like “girls often Mug” or”Muslims are terrorists” its not matured at all.There were rumours all the way one said ” girls were dancing when the results were out when one of the peers was down” if we dont know on issues its better to keep our mouth shut.Many people think they are the only saviours of friendship,human nature and emotions every human being cares for his/her friends well being.

I was honestly shocked many of my close friends joining the bandwagon and speaking without analysing the bare facts.Friendship is a feel dont make it a buisness commitment “If i do this you need to do this” is not good at all. Groupism in friendship is another dangerous trend in relations it s just a show of strength rather than anything.

Anyways congrats to all my friends to have placed and kudos to all those who showed the spirit of egalatarian friendship at the right moment.


3 responses to “Placement Saga the untold story…Placed@TCS

  1. Congrats to u and all ur frnz who got placed.
    I too heard sm spking that girls are not helping their peers..Really hurting :(We can help ppl if they really need it.if they feel that there are many other ppl(may be their very close frnz)alone is enough to help them,then we need not stay with them and make them feel bad..Many ppl spk off without knowing the actual situation.Everyone wanted their peers to get placed.We are in contact with them whereever we are and we encourage them

  2. Hello Ashok,

    Congrats da! Hru? I have interview on 13th october. I need TCS confidential papers can you send me those to as soon as you see this.

  3. Congrats for getting these slavery jobs….

    Now you people will learn only what the COMPANY wants you to learn.

    You will develop only what the COMPANY wants you to develop.

    Engineers Wasted.

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