The Reservation issue and the judicial overreach!

Reservation is back to the fore after the recent supreme court judgement about 27% reservation for OBC’s in institutions of higher education such as IIT’s and IIM’s.Ask any upper class Indian this question “why India is not able to develope or what you dont like with India?” the instance reply you get is “Reservation and politics”.I have seen many friends of mine(especially from the upper caste) expressing this opinion.Wow what nationalism the saviours of merit its so inspiring that the young energetic are so patriotic about the nation.Every issue should be discussed and researched upon before making comments if we dont know about something it is better to keep the mouth shut.Is reservation is the one issue affecting this nation?What s the history of the reservation history?Let us analyse with some reason and logic rather being childish.Before independence the bhramins who were so limited in numbers in tamil nadu hold up more than seventy five percent of all large and important administrative posts.This was due to the historical advantage that the bhramins had in accessing education.In a composite society people belong to all communities should be represented in all major areas otherwise there is no meaning of development.The representation of OBC ‘s among the higher education institutions is abysymally low and the government at the centre has a responsibility to provide oppurtunities to all.why are the saviours of the nation the upper class people voice concerns on issue such as Indo Us Nuclear Deal?It so short sighted without proper understanding of issues inspired by this semi standard journals such as “India Today” and far right ones such as “Week” propagating emotional rubbish articles projecting those protesting against reservation as heros of the nation.OBC reservation has been in practice in tamil nadu for years now it has no way affected merit in any way.

The judiciary has made a mockery of the democratic system and its recent judgements has been strongly advocating neo liberal principles favouring middle class sentiments.

It has made itself nude by challenging the principles defined by its own previous judgements.Now there is a disgrace feeling towards Indian polity and the political leaders and that is due to the poor standard of political leaders accepted but political leaders and the executive and legislature are accounatble to people of this nation.On the other hand the judges are controlled only by their self constrained and conscious.Once an US president commented on a judgement of a judge as “The honourable justice has made a judgement and now let him go and implement it”.The Indian executive or legislature has not made such announcements but think of a situation.The judiciary’s accounatbility remains in the hands of the executive in the effective implementation of the judgements.There is a clear cut separation of domains and each should respect the working of the other or else Indian Democracy is going to loose.


One response to “The Reservation issue and the judicial overreach!

  1. HOW DO YOU MAKE RESERVATIONS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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