Placement Placement every where!

This post is just a culmination of my thought process seeing some recent devlopments in engineering scenario in tamil nadu.Many of the private college peers of mine have placed in campus placement in  various companies not even sixth semester completed.These were students who scored less marks in their school level.They have proved life exists after twelfth and secured their lives.Congrats dudes.

But lets study the other side of the coin more dangerous one.The whole placement game is used to play an amazing admission buisness come this year private colleges would show report cards as justification for capitation fees.

Education,knowledge has taken a backburner now already the level of education in engineering education is in apathy.I can point out students with such level of apathy that they would get placed.

Colleges were selected based primarily on placements now that every college is one and the same.Some may put forth an argument that “Dad what if i study basic science or not–> I may get placed in “XXXX””.Society requires doctors,teachers,engineers if tomorrow by any chance prostitution becomes profitable probably we would have everyone turning toward that cool :-).

This is the classic case of gory capitalism playing with social benefits an engineer requires basic understanding on certain technologies now a days will it get me placed argument is ruining youth.

An education institution has a responsibility to develop the individual to a complete one.Rather than developing commodities tailored made for specific companies the institutions must develop creativity.Parents too have responsibilty in monitoring student all round development.


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