Manufactured Dissent and a clever ploy?

This is management technique i learnt in recent times.Probably it has been out quite sometime now and the clinical way in which the ploy has been implemented is amazing.To capture leadership in a hierarchy create a feeling among your peers on one side that the entire system sucks and on the other side impress the needy.I remember one Nagulan kavithai at this juncture “Aal Ketra Abinayamum Velai Ketra Veshamum than Vazhkai Yendral Saavathe Saala Sirappu”.There were people who were complaining that “life is boring”,”There s no respect I am not treated even like a human being”.Ow Ow please hold on probably its sick and cynical when i think about it now.IF people say “Theres no other go to live”  i am a kid if a trust that probably grown up buddy.I remember the coincidence to Animal Farm the entire issue its all the mind game.

I believe this post may not live out for many days probably let people  live.One thing any work should have the work as the inspiration.After all the days in which certificates,BOS rule the roost you always people counting their fingers.One of my friend said one day ” Hurrah the certificate count for this year is 5″.Life is lived in moments and experience and not in paper material.


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