One year as the Joint Secretary ;-)

Yeah with the valedictory function last week i have completed my work as the joint secretary computer science association.It has been an eventfull experience and a truly awesome one.I thank everyone who had made this possible,friends who have stood by me thanks  guys and gals.These are some interesting things that happened:

CYBER ’06:

Cyber ’06 an intra departmental symposium conducted by us.It was really interesting to be honest:

*Website launch at  the stroke of midnight around two p.m with sap and arun by my side sleepless night thanks guys.

*The childish fight for the poster ha ha ha its still funny.Hari was a one guy i thought was really help full.I still get amazed how helpfull he is at times of symposiums.We have differences but still we have mutual respect for each other.

*Bala was highly hepfull in designing the website.

*Alagammai and Charanya designed the souvenir in flash and were very patient enough changed the souvenir many times.As usual had a reall tough fight part of the job it moves on.Alagammai and her friends were highly supportive in decorations and other issues.

*Multimedia team of Mallu,Manickam,MuthuKrishnan,Manoj did a fine job,Mallu came up with an interface in .NET for each of the prelims.

*Kirthika,Geethapriya,Vinoth Ravi were inspiring part of the paper presentation team.

I thank each one of the team probably i missed out many owing to laziness.It has been a pleasure leading such a wonderfull team.I owe these guys a lot.I dont know how i may reciprocate to all their help.

On the personal note I won many prizes lot of interesting experiences lots of books and still vetifying lots of time.Hope to improve upon the next time around.


2 responses to “One year as the Joint Secretary ;-)

  1. Congrats Ashok, for you made the events really great. What a great leader you are! And why all these thanks and stuff.. Is it not our duty to do all these?

  2. yeah it s really neccessary.I fail to appreciate people many times.It has cost me dear in life.Probably felt really bad could not even have a group photo that day.I miss vivek in this regard he use to be really correct involving everyone.

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