Plaisir – Nice experience

Plaisir ’07 an intra departmental culturals held last weekend.,man it was total fun out there.Huge participation ,many contests and lots of enjoyment.Guys like hari,sap,mallu,ravi man they were just rocking.Sap stole the show by his “captain” role in “as you like it”.Hari was great in his stunts and adzap and painting.Ravi made great skit.Alagammai got first in flower design and third in mehandi but she was disappointed that she could not get prize in tamil kavithai contest actually quite a lot of seniors appreciated her efforts i believe and hope she writes more of this and enhances her ability.The “fireless cooking” contest for men meant some delicious and innovative dishes to taste.I was roaming around emptying amul milk cans.I hope these things are more regular so that it reduces the stress and monotonous nature of studies.


2 responses to “Plaisir – Nice experience

  1. Hi speak about your excellent performance in JAM,debate,quiz, english creative writing, dance, as you like it etc..

  2. Will do that 🙂

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