A Book by my grandfather a suggestion to read

This is a long overdue but i postponed it so that at the time of posting this blog i thought i should have read this book.Mudivu Indri Thodarum yutham(“An endless war”) is a tamil book written and released recently by Alaigal Publication.The book was written by my grandfather Mr.K.Ilakkuvan.The book is themed around theIsrael Palestine issues.Its a simple,narrative of the history of palestine,Israel and sufferings of the palestenians.I assure you this book would break many prejudices relating to Israel palestine issues and how Israel and Ameria have devestated the lives of millions in the middle east.I suggest it to all those stumbling upon this blog.The book costs 100 rupees  in the market but i would get it for eighty for u.Its just 240 pages complete reference and israel nad palestine in tamil.

The thing i wish that this book should reach the people and people should understand the sufferings of the palestenians.This post is not a commercial endorsement.


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