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Operations research using GNU

I attended my operations research internals today and i have been one of the few who have failed in both the previous ones.My aversion towards mark and internals have virtually took me away from the mainstream mark savy geeks of my class.There was a question on linear programming using simplex algorithm.There was a controversy regarding the answer the geek group of the class had an answer which in my opinion was baseless,it was against the given constraint.As one of the constraint said x1>=4 but the answer was x1=10/3 which was less than 4.But anyways its the official answer coz after all  the
se are the great minds.I thought of using the GNU linear programming tool kit to solve it:

/* Decision variables */
var x1 >=0;  /* soldier */
var x2 >=0;  /* train */

/* Objective function */
maximize z: 3*x1 + 2*x2;

/* Constraints */
s.t. Finishing :2*x1 + x2 <= 10;
s.t. Carpentry :x1 + 2*x2 <= 10;
s.t. Demand    : x1 >= 4;

I ran it using the glpsol to obtain the answer:

Objective:  z = 16 (MAXimum)

1 x1           B              4             0
2 x2           B              2             0
Thus the solution is x1=4 and x2=2 and max z=16.I could have easily argued but now a days i dont know why i never feel like proving things.If people stumble upon this blog will their neural networks accept without prejudice.


One year as the Joint Secretary ;-)

Yeah with the valedictory function last week i have completed my work as the joint secretary computer science association.It has been an eventfull experience and a truly awesome one.I thank everyone who had made this possible,friends who have stood by me thanks  guys and gals.These are some interesting things that happened:

CYBER ’06:

Cyber ’06 an intra departmental symposium conducted by us.It was really interesting to be honest:

*Website launch at  the stroke of midnight around two p.m with sap and arun by my side sleepless night thanks guys.

*The childish fight for the poster ha ha ha its still funny.Hari was a one guy i thought was really help full.I still get amazed how helpfull he is at times of symposiums.We have differences but still we have mutual respect for each other.

*Bala was highly hepfull in designing the website.

*Alagammai and Charanya designed the souvenir in flash and were very patient enough changed the souvenir many times.As usual had a reall tough fight part of the job it moves on.Alagammai and her friends were highly supportive in decorations and other issues.

*Multimedia team of Mallu,Manickam,MuthuKrishnan,Manoj did a fine job,Mallu came up with an interface in .NET for each of the prelims.

*Kirthika,Geethapriya,Vinoth Ravi were inspiring part of the paper presentation team.

I thank each one of the team probably i missed out many owing to laziness.It has been a pleasure leading such a wonderfull team.I owe these guys a lot.I dont know how i may reciprocate to all their help.

On the personal note I won many prizes lot of interesting experiences lots of books and still vetifying lots of time.Hope to improve upon the next time around.

A Book by my grandfather a suggestion to read

This is a long overdue but i postponed it so that at the time of posting this blog i thought i should have read this book.Mudivu Indri Thodarum yutham(“An endless war”) is a tamil book written and released recently by Alaigal Publication.The book was written by my grandfather Mr.K.Ilakkuvan.The book is themed around theIsrael Palestine issues.Its a simple,narrative of the history of palestine,Israel and sufferings of the palestenians.I assure you this book would break many prejudices relating to Israel palestine issues and how Israel and Ameria have devestated the lives of millions in the middle east.I suggest it to all those stumbling upon this blog.The book costs 100 rupees  in the market but i would get it for eighty for u.Its just 240 pages complete reference and israel nad palestine in tamil.

The thing i wish that this book should reach the people and people should understand the sufferings of the palestenians.This post is not a commercial endorsement.

Plaisir – Nice experience

Plaisir ’07 an intra departmental culturals held last weekend.,man it was total fun out there.Huge participation ,many contests and lots of enjoyment.Guys like hari,sap,mallu,ravi man they were just rocking.Sap stole the show by his “captain” role in “as you like it”.Hari was great in his stunts and adzap and painting.Ravi made great skit.Alagammai got first in flower design and third in mehandi but she was disappointed that she could not get prize in tamil kavithai contest actually quite a lot of seniors appreciated her efforts i believe and hope she writes more of this and enhances her ability.The “fireless cooking” contest for men meant some delicious and innovative dishes to taste.I was roaming around emptying amul milk cans.I hope these things are more regular so that it reduces the stress and monotonous nature of studies.