TCE needs Massive Reforms

Disclaimer:*This post is the observations of a student just certain suggestions to improve the college and not to hurt or make fun of the institution i respect*

Thiagarajar College of Engineering the institution i am part of it is entering into the golden jubilee celebrations.Some of my observations and suggestions as the college enters a new era.

College needs massive revamping of infrastructure to conduct international symposiums and conferences.

In a Knowledge Economy: This is an era of the knowledge process outsourcing ther are innumerable oppurtunities to harness and contribute.Engineering is a profession were you apply and innovate for the welfare of the society simillar to other professions like Doctors et al.Thus the college should promote knowledge based activities rather than *assignments* *tutorials* *internals* and*attendence*.Students are made to think as such placement itself as life hence the curiosity to learn or else to teach is getting extinguished.

The college should promote international conferences or participation in these events.Engineering should not be mere 13th,14th et al.Consider even SASTRA won the robotics contest at IIT kharagpur.Its high time we gear up our socks to conduct high class symposiums we need to conduct a tech fest on the scale of anna university but that requires sponsors.Kurukshetra was conducted with a fund of thirty lakhs.As a starting point we should conduct a online programming contest of the scale of bitwise and everyone should start a legacy.GLUGOT,SUN CLUb are in the right directions but majority of Tce students are not participating in these initiatives.

We need to create a knowledge awareness campaign of some sort hardly hundred students in tce know we have  a “mailserver” “Dns server” or to say the entire network architecture.

Stop with marks internals placements its the time to go big.Recognise the people who bring laurels to the college appreciate and indentify student potential give autonomy to student initiatives.


3 responses to “TCE needs Massive Reforms

  1. n.arunachalam

    wat u have said in this post is correct da. all the students should be given autonomy . the system of assignments etc should be abolished.. conducting tech fest in our college is impossible i suppos. our college standards should be improved

  2. Dei a great post da. And thanks, I have used a few stuff in my blog as well.

  3. hmm,
    i spoke to principal abt symposiums sponsored by companies and i feel its not far. but we shud take initiative and work though 🙂
    i think this can really be taken ahead if students are ready to work

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