Python truly beautifull

Python is a truly beautifull language with amazing features.I thought about the difficulties in writing code in an object oriented environment.Consider you are given a task to do some problem using any languages say sorting numbers our instinct will prepare C language how many of us will code it in *JAVA* .This is primarily because complexity of java syntax more the level of abstraction more you cant get the code means so these leads to >> “You effectively need to cram some syntax without concentrating in logic”.Thus *JAVA* is “Compile once and Debug EveryWhere”.I still remember howard roark in FountainHead ” Beauty rests on meaning any form conveys” take our human body an organ without any purpose cant convey anything beautifull.

I honestly believe python should be made part of the curriculum because some of the features in it are incomparable in any languages(leave alone PERL,PHP).

Consider function programming in python or the entire syntax of python gorgeous.Python is an interpretted language you have a interpretter to check things quickly amazing to be honest.

I just got a chance to have a glance at a book “Algorithm and datastructure using python” which has extensive implementation and algorithm analysis using python.Probably we can for a Python Interest Group in the college and suggest python as a language for studying Object Orientation.

Its one of the wonderfull languages students should learn and enjoy.Alas I get a comment in the horizon ” Oh ! python its for pp lab guys”.When will people flush their neural networks and clear all prejudice.


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