The harappan horse and the entire Aryan=Harappan debate broken!

This in reference to the article in magazine supplement of THE HINDU dated 4 th febrauary topic:Towards a scientific study of the Indus Script .It is the result of culminated constant work on the indus script analysis of the script using computer data analysis that has led to the following result:

  • The writing of the indus script was from right to left
  • All attempts to read the indus script from right to left has failed
  • Computer analysis has shown that the Indus texts possess only suffixes, not prefixes or infixes. This indicates that the Harappan language was of the suffixing type (like Dravidian), not of the prefixing type (like Indo-Aryan).
  • The Indus civilisation was urban in character. The Vedic civilisation was rural and pastoral. There is hardly any description of city life in the Rig Veda.
  • The Indus seals depict many animals but not the horse. The chariot with spoked wheels is also not depicted in the Indus art. On the contrary, these are among the main features of the society depicted in the Rig Veda.
  • The Harappan religion, as far as we can make out from pictorial representations, included the worship of buffalo-horned male gods, mother goddesses, the pipal tree, serpents, and probably also phallic worship. Such modes of worship seem alien to the religion of the Rig Veda.

These examples (among many others) make it very improbable that the Harappan city dwellers were the same as the people of the Vedic culture.

More we look into the indus script there are more chances that it may be dravidian.

Speakers of aryan language merged with the dravidian speakers to provide the composite india.
So the entire argument that aryans were original settlers of India is baseless.The rss agenda of Akanda Bharath and aryan supremacy is striped nude.Thus if there is an argument that muslims and christians must leave India the aryans are also migraints they should also leave.

Then basically aryans were also nomads the language spoken by them was sanskrit and the entire argument that one language is superior than other is childish.The harrappan language might have a dravidian ancestor this doesn’t mean that dravidian languages are superior.So will the saffron brigade learn.Let us hope :-).


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