Ergonoxis-C program contest in our college A Few observations

Ergonoxis is a three stage C-programming contest conducted by the electronics(Hmmm y not the cse dept?!) department of our college.the contest was conducted as three rounds,i got selected to the final round it was a night out programming on saturday last week.The test contained nine questions in which we answered two questions .,one was the multiplication of two 99 digit number and the other was a question onfinding the map based on certain constraints for a given set of locations.The contest organisers should be appreciated for creating a tempo among inter department students and for good organisation and many seniors sit with us the entire day giving us much needed refershments.

There are certain annoying things that happened that day.I was asked to work in Turbo C compiler which was a hell a lot difficult and uncomfortable.I have been doing all my coding using emacs and M x eshell has been the default way and use the emacs shell to compile and execute files after all emacs was the first tool i got introduced the first and me and my friend explained to audience on Fstival 05 those were happy days :).Nowadays i am also using GDB to debug my programs so it was like hell coding with turbo C.

The other issue was lack of C99 standards in the contest.ther were questions involving *graphics.h*,this was mainly because people were not aware of something like that.Ther were questions in the first round based on the *implicit int rule* that is if a function does not return a variable on default the compiler thinks that it returns int i believe this is not even part of C89 standards.

I have one basic doubt in C ,heard that an array candeclared as follows:

void foo(int size)


int bar[size];


That is the size of the array can be declared as a variable at run time and compiler supporting C99 standards should support this if so can we get the size of an array from the user rather than declaring a array large enough to cater to the needs.Does GCC support this?.The C99 standard has accepted many of the functions that were already present in GNU C and BSD environments hence it gives all the more reason to work in GNU/Linux or to say *nix.


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