Guru.,Books hell a lot @Chennai

I am in chennai in my aunts  its a cool experience out here.It was made even more interesting by the book exhibition that i visited.The book exhibition a national level one is conducted at St.George Anglo Indian School opposite pachaippa college.The exhibition had some four fifty stalls having some cool english,urdu and tamil books.I bought a good number of books my uncle and aunt also bought some good number of books.The books i bought were :

1)The complete reference C–Hibert Schild

2)Atlas Shrugged-Ayn Rand

3)Einstein selected writings and Noam chomsky on power and economics

4)The ultimate Hitchhikers Guie to galaxy

5)A che Guevera Calendar (cute one)

The other books my uncle and aunt bought were 1)The 7 habits of a successfull person.,Who moved my cheese.,what are you doing with your life by J.K.,two other tamil books.

GURU.,A beautifull Film:

I went to one of the most epected movie of this year GURU written and directed by MniRathnam.I had only the chance to view the tamil dubbed version of the movie.The movie was a brave attempt to record the life of a buissness man.The salient features of the movie are acting of Abhisheik Bacchan,muic by A.R.Rehman,cinematography by Rajiv Menon,Art and the costumes.The tamil dubbed version was so wonderfully one that i never had a feeling of seeing a dubbed movie.Kudos to Surya ,Nasser for their excellent dubbing.The movie was of technical brilliance,special mention madhavan deserves a hats off for his Cameo,aishwarya Rai was beautifull as usual and had a strong role.People should support these brvae efforts and make it a huge success.A novel effort great work mani:)


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