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The year 2006 has come to an end and year 2007 started.The year 2006 would be remembered for the brutal nature of American Imperialism how it transcended nation borders .,killing innocent people in Iraq,Somalia,Lebanon what not.The year ended with the hanging of Saddam Hussein.The protests against the empire has began,Imperialism will have a mighty fall.The new Latin American tilt towards the left lead by Fidel Castro,hugo Chavez,Evo Morales.Lucio De Silva will lead the anti imperialstic struggle spread the true spirit of internationalism.The Indian Government has become a junior partner of US right from votiong against Iran in IAEA to the Indai US nuclear agreement India has become a loyal partner of US.

Indian Political Situation:

India faces the twin challenge of growing economic disparities,farmer suicides,poor education and health access for the majority of Indians.

The recent incident in Kirlanji in maharashtra has clearly shown the economic situation of dalits how they face brutal suppression,massive oppression in every day life.After sixty years of independence dalits dont have regular access to water,public utilities like temple,toilets,separate tea glasses for dalits. Reservation alone is not enough for dalits .,liberalisation has meantno jobs for them in private sector,i stand by reservation in private sector,land reforms to be carried out massively redistribution of lands to dalits who are landless workers.Love marriages are the future especially inter caste marriages.

The Sacchaar committee report has clearly shown how bad is the situation of muslims in the nation.They are poorly represented in education,employment,virtual isolation from mainstream India.Coupled with India’s tilt towards US is going to make more of muslims desparate,breading terrorism.

The raise of the new IT upper class is causing ripples in our fragile society.I think they should be taxed more.Education,health,sanitation cant be left in private hands.

The govt at the centre need to show a lot of character to overcome these issues.Let us hope πŸ™‚


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