My wish List for 2006

Its official dont worry,no hesitations,this is a public statement no going back..,”I have started receiving gifts for christmas,new year etc”.So what stops you come on gear up my friends these many days you have been complaining that I have been too modest actually i thought about it .,friends your words have been an eye opener.The gifts you are going to give me could be I-pod,Mitashi Mp4 player,digi cam,laptops.Come on guys you know better than me,What ever could be the reason New year,pongal,Idh,Farmer,s day,Valluvar thinam what not after all I am an internationalist.Okay I would suggest you some movies that you could get me preferabbly Original Dvds

V for Vendatta,12 angry men,Cassabalanca,Pianoist,Schiendler’s List,Presige(Probably Christopher Nolan all movies) ,departed,Life is beautifull etc etc.I wish to see this movies decide amongst yourself so that no two gets the same one.Then Happy new year folks,Great year it has been for al of us.


One response to “My wish List for 2006

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