As usual All aLone!?

This thing happens to me many a times a lonely satisfaction,no one to care,no one to think about me.I am lost in the sea.People think “hey Ashok”who is he?Wow what a great feeling no one just asking me am i alive.No one thinking why he is silent.I am completely lost in space and time,I do a time travel thinking in a world of mine writing bad kavithais in tamil with hell a lot of mistakes.Today Mornin I was lost with my friend of mine he has gone ill,a warrior i inquired with people he was to be the president of cuba they say dear “fidel” it has been sometime since we mwt in the realms of our thought space.You have won man,surrvived the onslaught of the empire.Wow i remembered this song from green day

I walk a lonely road

The only one at i am better known

Dont know where it goes but its onl me and I walk alone

I walk a lonely road on the boulevard of broken dreams


One response to “As usual All aLone!?

  1. all aLone ????
    give me ur “kavithais” to read … πŸ™‚

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