ANimal Farm and 1984 before eye sight…,LOL :))

Those who have read 1984 and animal farm would have throughly enjoyed the totalitarian nature nd its effect to the fullest.When you see an entire generation thinks and speaks the same.when opinion meets symmetry,when thought is trained.Think of a world without any thinking when everyone speaks like this ……, “Mr.X:Did you see the white crow flying da”

Mr.Y:”S..S how beautifull,it just flies upside down da” Mr.X:”Afterall comrade:Y and the big brothe have been right da” Mr.Y “They have been always right”

Events in  the recent have remembered this only a quotation from 1984 by george Orwell


People should understand this Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they can not become conscious.

Fredom , consultation getting views from others even juniors or students are not insulting things on part of a management or administration as Don Corleone says “afterall we are reasonable men”


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