Python—truly in Love

The very first day i got introduced to this language it impressed me.I have been studying a large number of python ebooks.Foundations of Python network programming has been the most impressive of the lot.I got this book from rapidshare.the simplicity,maintainability of python is the key feature which i like it even a novice can understand the beauty of the language.Beauty as per Ayn Rand is defined by its meaning.In my opinion the more and more i read of python i m hating java to the core.Take a simple network program in python you can just say it from a glance what every single sentence means but in case of java there are some nasty things like BufferedReader,PrintWriter blah-blah whats the shit about all these things.Python adopted bsd sockets style to provide a wrapper I dont know y java didnt do the same ,it baffles me more when you see that java was developed by Sun,it could have well adopted the bsd style as of python.

Python xml parsing is another thing i got impressed with.I used sax(simple API for Xml) to parse an xml file with hardly ten lines of code.I m interseted doing a serious projects in python,it would be great if i get placed in any Unix based companies.


6 responses to “Python—truly in Love

  1. Dont worry buddy unix is everywhere…u will get one

  2. Can you pls suggest me a book on python network programming..I m quiet interested in it.I too thought of doing something in that

  3. Goerzen.J.Foundations.of.Python.Network.Programming.Try downloading from or get it from me.I think its with alagammai have given it to her.

  4. Please send it to me at my email address. Would appreciate if its in a printable format.
    Thank you.

  5. I have sent you the mail as an attachment in .djvu format i dont know whether it can be printed i believe so.

  6. Hey,

    Can you mail me the ebook for Foundations of Network Programming with python. I have been looking all over the place for this one 🙂


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