FountainHead-book for a serious reader

I have been reading this book for quite a whlie now,it has been one of the most difficult books i have read.I was awe struck by the beauty of the language and the charecterisation.Amazing literature to be honest.Especially the conversations between Howard Roark(lead character) and Dominique Francon is enjoyable.The book is on the whole phillosophical and its very difficult to read.I enjoyed the conversations of Ellsworth Toohey,gail Wayanad etc.In one part of the story Ellsworth Toohey’s daughter complains to him that she is not happy,and when ellsworth asks her to stop expecting anything.This book requires a lot of concentration.It requires a hell lot of patience.


2 responses to “FountainHead-book for a serious reader

  1. I was not much taken by the book. Neither was I able to lay it down..real good one..May be not for me 😉 I started admiring Howard n Dominique. Too much of philosophy..and I wonder from where I got tht incredible patience to read it. IDEALISM – around which the whole book revolves..The perception of this word differs from one charater to another in this book…

  2. yeah its a kind of book which was very difficult to read and howard roark charcterisation of the real hero is inspiring.Yet Ayn Rand is a staunch capitalistic who felt it is the perfect system.May be as an individual Howard roark but in a society chained in divisions the markets does not work well :D.Yet i loved the book for the sheer passion of Roark.

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