Movies That Impressed Me

I always watch a lot of movies,we have a bad habit in our friends group to discuss and digest movies all of its aspects like editing,cinematography Hmmm we do see a lot of good movies.Recently i saw too great movies suggested way back my friends i share the karma of doing this to fellow netizens.One of them Memento an amazing movie.The lead character Leonard suffers from short term memory loss all that he can remember is his wife being raped and killed brutally.The cool feature of the movie is that its editing  and screenplay,the movie is like a x^2=4ay parabola.The movie starts with one end at the beginning and other end at the end and the film ending at the middle.The other movie that i was impressed was the film Hotel Rhwanda which is based on the ethinic clashes  between tutsi and hutoo how a hotel manager belonging to the majority whose wife is a minority saves thousand people true sense of humanit.Amazing movies !!!!!


One response to “Movies That Impressed Me

  1. I also saw both movies. They were great ! Memento was in the first part a little confusing…

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