It was a productive month!

It was a memorable month of september we finished of cyber 06 many appreciated the arrangements any ways i felt bad when i met with a guy from IIT Kharagpur when he explained of their tech fest.Another thing memorable was i finished some books i thought of reading “the HitchHickersGiude to the galaxy” a long time over due its sequel “the restaurant at the end of the universe” nice books,pretty differnt one bizarre mix of sci-fi and comedy and some humanity when i read about the valcon ships clearing the earth for a hyper galactic by pass i remembered the poor farmers who are being thrown out in the name of special economic zones:( too bad.I read the book animal farm by george orwell although it was anti-communist i am matured enough to accept criticisms.I had already read his bokk 1984 was a negative utopia.I saw some nice movies too “forest Gump” saw hey ram for the tenth time awesome movie.On the whole cool month.I need to study a list of books especially the ones by salman rushdie ,the god of small things and many more to follow.


2 responses to “It was a productive month!

  1. well I also wanted to read Adam’s books!! Do you have a copy of them?

  2. have it as a ebook in a dvd.get it fro me

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