Monthly Archives: October 2006

It was a productive month!

It was a memorable month of september we finished of cyber 06 many appreciated the arrangements any ways i felt bad when i met with a guy from IIT Kharagpur when he explained of their tech fest.Another thing memorable was i finished some books i thought of reading “the HitchHickersGiude to the galaxy” a long time over due its sequel “the restaurant at the end of the universe” nice books,pretty differnt one bizarre mix of sci-fi and comedy and some humanity when i read about the valcon ships clearing the earth for a hyper galactic by pass i remembered the poor farmers who are being thrown out in the name of special economic zones:( too bad.I read the book animal farm by george orwell although it was anti-communist i am matured enough to accept criticisms.I had already read his bokk 1984 was a negative utopia.I saw some nice movies too “forest Gump” saw hey ram for the tenth time awesome movie.On the whole cool month.I need to study a list of books especially the ones by salman rushdie ,the god of small things and many more to follow.


In Love with GOOGLE

Google the dictator of the web who people love.I dont know why but everybody loves google,probably oves to their corporate motto “dont be evil” :).People know google for their searching engine for their path breaking algorithm based on page ranking.But I need to share more google does,Innovation is the key to their success,everything google does has innovation written all our it.
Google searches can optimised in many ways just play this gane in ‘gwigle’ probably its path breaking you just learn how to google.Its available in the site to google search engine type “answer to life, the universe, and everything” it throws out the answer as 42 bizarre no those who had read “the hitchhickers guide to the galaxy yep you got it the super computer deep thought throws the same answer.Try this site for google related things.There is a book named 55 ways to have fun with google its a cool book.There is something called googlewhack which is more of a contest,you need to give three words to which google should throw a single link.The book is available as a free e book,I think its exhaustive.