India classic case of rich poor divide

My first post is a long thought one the glaring difference in rich-ppor in india.The indian Market is on the raise people all over the world are speaking of teh indian growth saga.Lots of questions to be asked and answered for the very sustaining of this growth trajectory.The major concern s of this humble indian

!) Malnutrition among children around 35%.

2) school drop outs after nine th standard is around 40%.

3) poverty rate amongst obc sc/st s very high.

4)Dalits suffer untouchability recent example in tuticorin in tamil nadu.

5)THe government should bring in long term capital gains tax to tax the rich,it should tax the fiis and tax dividends in share and it will fetch the government a revenue of 10,000 crores which it can use it for development purposes.


1)Massive Land Reforms,will increase productivity.

2)Decentralisation more funds to panchayats altleast 50% of revenues.

3)Rural employment guarantee act should be implementsd in all villages.

4)Awareness on Right to information as a tool against corruption.

5)Investment of 8% of gdp in primary education

6)state investment in health is one of the least in the world even lower than U.S

7)Protecting indian farmers from International Market variations.Demading reduction of subsidies by Us and other european nations in agriculture.

8)Support the freedom of third world countries dont be a blind ally of US.


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