Text Editor Described

As time goes by, the huge range of textual content authors available for the use of web designers keep on improving. It is always that the new one has something better or something new to provide. Advantage that due to the number of options they have, they could think about which one would be most appropriate for their venture. Here are the most used textual content authors by web developers:


Notepad is the most well-known textual content writer depending on the study. It does not assistance any structure or designs, which creates it very appropriate in a DOS atmosphere. It is one of the most preferred because it identifies both remaining to right and right to remaining dialects. It also does macro-recording and play-back for recurring key strokes, a highly effective frequent appearance search-and-replace, and assistance for many coding dialects. Although you can modify computer file using note pad regardless of what the structure is, it does not study UNIX or MAC-style textual content information perfectly.


Textmate is a GUI textual content writer for MAC OS X. It is regularly used for screenwriting. Developers desire Textmate because it functions declarative custom remaking, an eye for start records, recordable macros, foldable areas and thoughts, spend incorporation, and an extensible package system. However, it does not assistance variable-width or huge print designs, right-to-left dialects, (S)FTP, divided opinions and textmate tends to work more slowly when consisting with huge information or long collections. Developers must also be online to be able to confirm their web page because only W3C validator can be used for HTML approval.


Coda was particularly developed for MAC OS X. It was developed to take care of the issue of ineffectiveness of full-featured web design systems corresponding to database incorporation foundation Xcode. One of its significant function is that it functions a new Find/Replace procedure. It advantages the customers because they were able to do complicated swithces using a technique just like frequent movement. It also can handle bookamarks, which are the specially-formatted thoughts labels in many syntaxes. With the use of favorites, designers can go to the corresponding range of textual content from anywhere in the writer by hitting the weblink in the Value Gps.


Vim is appropriate with Ms windows, A red hat systemunix system and MAC OS. It is according to orders given in a text-user individual interface. The control range function is where its complete performance occurs. Some opinions it as a programmer’s best companion because it is very practical to use and it is very extensible. Developers are not the only ones who advantage from this textual content writer, but also the kids of Uganda. Although Vim is free and free, its certificate has charityware clasuses.


PSPad is a free application textual content writer for Ms windows. It can handle format featuring and hex modifying, and is developed as a worldwide GUI for modifying many dialects such as PHP, Perl, HTML, and Coffee, autocompletion, an eye, FTP customer and find/replace using frequent movement. It also has a function where you can preserve classes to be able to go back to your past set. up.

When deciding on the best textual content writer to use for your venture, it shouldn’t rely on the reputation of the system. It will all steam down to the individual friendliness and performance of the item.


Malicious Software Is Revised

The riddle of a malicious software program that has spread throughout the Internet deepened Thursday as security researchers examined a new version of the software that they said made it more difficult to eradicate the program.


The program, known as Conficker, targets versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system and has now been distributed in four versions, computer security specialists said.


Several of the groups monitoring the program said the most recent version, which began to appear Tuesday, appeared to be targeted at improving a peer-to-peer communications system between computers that are infected and hardening the system by making infected machines more resistant to anti-virus software.


Several researchers also said there might be a connection between the authors of Conficker and of another program known as Waladec, a malware program that has been used to distribute fraudulent advertisements through e-mail spam. They also noted that the Conficker authors have switched strategies and are using the program’s peer-to-peer mechanism to update the system. Originally, they had appeared to plan to download instructions to Conficker by generating new Internet addresses that infected machines could download instructions from.


An earlier version of the program had been set to begin contacting servers on April 1, raising widespread concern about the authors’ intent. Now, however, the system for programming Conficker uses a peer-to-peer mechanism that can be initiated from any one of millions of infected systems.


The consensus within the computer security industry is that although there are now some indications that Conficker’s authors are intent on building a giant spam system, there is no hard evidence.

Summer movie video games seek to terminate stigma

LOS ANGELES—Video games based on blockbuster movies typically get panned, yet shamelessly benefit from the buzz of their film inspirations. But the developers of this summer’s movie games are more intent than ever on transforming gamers’ groans into grins.


“Movie games have a bad history,” said Jeff Poffenbarger, senior producer at “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” game developer Raven Software. “There is a stigma to movie games, for a thousand different reasons. They come out and they don’t live up to the hype people create. For us, it was all about creating the definitive Wolverine experience, not recreating the movie.”


Traditionally, movie games are daunting to develop because they face opening-day deadlines yet take double the time to produce as the films they are based on. Veteran game director Joby Otero, chief creative officer at “Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen” developer Luxoflux Studios, said upgrading the genre’s quality has become a primary goal in recent years.


“I think Hollywood is communicating with the games industry on a different level now,” said Otero. “There’s a recognition that a game’s quality can impact the overall franchise. I think part of the reason is that more of the key creative decision makers grew up as gamers themselves. There’s an understanding of how wrong these things can go.”


In hopes of saying “hasta la vista, baby” to a poorly received game, the Halcyon Co., which owns the rights to the “Terminator” franchise, allowed the “Terminator Salvation” game developers to work under the same roof as the film crew when creating the apocalyptic third-person shooter based on the flick directed by McG and starring Christian Bale.


“It meant that the game developers, art directors and designers could literally sit in the same production studio as the film guys,” said Cos Lazouras, Halcyon Games development vice president. “They worked collaboratively side by side. They had access to McG, who was intrinsically involved in the game.”


Set two years before the film, the “Terminator Salvation” game serves as a prequel to the film, establishing what John Connor has been up to since “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.” An increasing number of movie games, such as “Watchmen: The End is High,” are using characters from their films to tell stories independent of their movie counterparts.


Because the “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” movie mostly deals with the origins of hooded villain Cobra Commander, the developers of the accompanying arcade-style shoot-’em-up decided to let their game serve as a quasi-sequel instead, recruiting elements from the 45-year history of the toy line and cartoon series to enhance the story line.


“We pick up where the movie ends,” said Electronic Arts senior product manager Jason Enos. “We tell a genuine story that’s exclusive to the game but ties in key plot points in the film. That also allows us to leverage the larger ‘G.I. Joe’ universe — characters, vehicles, things you’re not going to see in the film but you’ll get in the game.”

Chennai well i have some thoughts to share

I am at chennai now and u know its the showpiece of loopsided economic liberalisation.There is anarchy in the way Chennai operates.I dont know whether you are in what side of the political spectrum but reality will show you that poor in Chennai have no place out here.Glitering shopping malls,food courts,awefull traffic its just all about money honey.I was interacting with one of my friends about the way of life in Chennai,i was complaining about the way people take cars to places totally congested say Usman road  where there is bridge under construction,he was totally shocked when i asked him to use public transport.I was remembered about a Emmanuel Khant’s thought “extract maximum pleasure from the earth with minimum pain to it and its inhabitants”.I came home feeling this city is for people belonging to people with money.The arrival of India the consumerist nation.

I got these questions bothering my sleep totally for some time:

“Is the money what i earn defines me and the way i spend it has any direct relation with my needs”

“Is my needs defined by my wishes then where come from these wishes originate am i just a prisoner of the society what the society defines as trend i go on consuming”

“How people become rich what generates inequality if its hardwork then the one who cleans up our ditches does mork work than a guy working for an MNC and he is more relevant in all sense.”

“Is life just a way to spend the money you earn,is this sustainable to this nation or to say the entire planet”

P.S:In kenya owing tremendous food scarcity a child was forced to eat what her mother vommited we are in an age of shortage   should we not share the burden when consuming scarce resources.As people say Ignorance is bliss.

The Truth behind the Indo-US Nuclear Deal

The collapse of the Soviet Union in the early nineties signaled the end of the cold war and also the arrival of a n unipolar world order lead by the United States of America.US has steadily promoted itself as the all powerful superpower which cannot be questioned by anyone. The international organisations like the IAEA,NSG or the United Nations or just pet dolls of the United States.The US has time and again over powered decisions taken by reputed international agencies.The US vetoes sanctions on Israel,continues an inhuman economic blockade on Cuba,bombs Baghdad in its ostensible quest for the weapons of mass destruction(read it Oil ).These measures are continuously criticised by people with egalitarian principles.

It is in this context that we need to analyse the Indo-US civillian nuclear cooperation agreement signed and proclaimed as the panacea for all our energy security woes.The right wing media has announced that this deal as one of the best foreign policy initiatives taken in free India or in the very word of the Prime Minister “It is the arrival of India at the global stage”.The United states campaigns for Nuclear non proliferation in Iraq and in the Indian Subcontinent the Bush administration is so magnanimous in guaranteeing uninterrupted fuel supply without even signing the NPT(Nuclear non-proliferation Treaty) or the CTBT(comprehensive Test Ban Treat) why is this dichotomy?.Remember Iran is a signatory of the reprehensible NPT.

History Teaches one thing regarding the political objectives of the US i.e it will never accept the raise of any other nation challenging the unipolar hegemony and the imperialistic designs of it.In this context the US wishes to control the oil-gas rich middle east and centarl asia.Now the raise of India,China,Russia in the last decade has put tremendous pressure on the energy availabilty scenario.The global clout of these nations is unbearable to US’s imperial designs.Hence it wishes to tame India as its junior partner which is a classic case of divide and rule.With signing the nuclear deal India’s foreign policy initiatives would be made more congruent to that of the US.

India’s stratergic autonomy and its independence in foreign policy issues has a taken a dent of late i wish to quote two examples for the very same:

1) The vote against Iran was a case in point of India’s change in policy directions .India’s comment on the vote “It is not in India’s interest that Iran posses nuclear weapons”.Now the CIA itself had ample evidence that Iran does not possess any nuclear weapon or the capability to do so.So this shows the lack of independent analysis of the world happenings on the part of India.

2)The government which claims itself as the messiah of energy security has been dragging its feet in signing the gas pipeline deal with Iran.

The Us-India stratergic partnership also involves a logistics sharing agreement in which both millitaries will share its bases for mutual operation.The US will have access to sensitive economic areas like that of agriculture upon which majority of Indians depend on.India will support US initiatives in promoting freedom and democracy around the world as its now doing in Iraq with the help of bombs and missiles.

Thus this is a clear step in making India a junior partner of US and ditching India’s long stand of Non-alignment and independent foreign policy initiatives.

In the next post we will concentrate on energy security promises claimed by the government if the deal fructifies.

The Nuclear game the way i predict

The nuclear deal has become the Achilles  heal of the UPA governmet for the  past two years now.I am no nostradamus but common sense shows how things will move.I believe the Left will withdraw support in a day or two and the SP will support the government in case of a floor test.The BJP will just create chaos or pandemonium and will try to take some communal advantage out of it.The majority in the news media will accuse the left of being patriotic to China(All u old folks remember peking patriots during the Indo-china war ).The regional parties will be busy promoting their wards for the next generation,i heard kanimozhi’s ward is being trained for some youth organisation post.I honestly at times believe karunanidhi follows the varna system in power sharing.Periyar would be happy to see the developments leave it thats for another post.

So the government would be safe for now and the Nuclear deal is the panacea for our woes as Bush believes in nuclear weapon 😀 .

Now i wish to ask some questions just for history and record i dont expect any answers to it.

1)Why is the PM so obsessed with the word given to the US president yet he does not mind about the left sensibilities back home?.Look this government was a coalition arrangement on the basis of a common minimum programme.So u give a word you try to stick to it,at least people in responsible positions should abide by this thumb rule.

2)The nation is in a fix with growing inflation,price rise has manifested in misery to most of Indian workforce who earn less than 20 per day.Now how much the nuclear deal is a life and death problem for these people who are more dependent on the government.

3)The United States has been trying to put India against China,and make India as its strategic  partner.Now what we need now is a multipolar order  based on the egalitarian principles of freedom and equality.Is the UPA government sacrificing an independent foreign policy for the sake of this nuclear deal?US has killed 1 million innocent civillians in Iraq and had filled the lives of millions with despair in Iraq.Are we going to taste blood for the bones thrown by US?


Kamal’s Magnum opus dasavataram had a world wide release on thirteenth the day i was awarded with the provisional degree certificate.So we guys decided to go to dasa night show.I was awe struck by the technical superiority of the movie.Havent seen any movie taken with such pain,hardwork in Indian cinema history.Kamal has proved once again the genius in him.The film has multiple interpretations some may call it destiny,gods design of events,or may be chaos theory or butterfly effect.

The story is based on the events in the lifes of ten characters played by kamal himself which are interwined and entangled leading to an astonishing set of events based on the chaos model.


Amazing acting by kamal,computer graphics is used in a manour so realistic unlike other indian movies,the linear breathtaking screenplay,explaing complex ideas yet no advices like shankar does.Kamal is a mass hero who has a fan following catering to various audiences and this movie is an entertainer catering to all type of audiences.

So i believe to criticise the movie just to prove a point and undermine the stupendous hard work of this legend.He is an inspiration for all youngster’s,the dedication at this age is fantastic and everyone needs to take a feather out of kamal’s life.

My Favourite Avatar :

12 the century Nambi: Brave,daring,the eyes,the dialogue delivery

Fletcher:Wow what a stylish performance

Vincent Poovaraghavan:The Nellai accent never been delivered with such perfection.

My favourite Dialogues:

நம்பி ; சுந்கம தவிர்த்த சோழன்னிடம் கற்வம் தவிர்க்க சொல் சொன்னவன் இந்த ரந்கராசன் நம்பி ஏன்று சொல்

கோவிந்த்;கடவுள் இல்லைன்னு யார் சொன்னா இருந்தா நல்லா இருக்கும் தான் சொல்ரேன் !

Govind:You are the south side of the north side facing horse!

Fletcher to  japanesse kamal:Remember Hiroshima

Japanesse Kamal:Remember Pearl Harbour

Bush kamal:Can we drop an atome bomb on this bio-weapon?Whats that NACL

Call Manmohan Sink! 😀

Kabilan to vicent:ஒரு பானை சொத்துக்கு ஒரு சொர் பதம்

Vincent:பானை கொஞ்சம் பேரிய பானை

On the whole the movie is great hope it runs well looking forward to kamal’s next venture Marmayogi and he looks great in that beard.